Working Out Early In The Morning On An Empty Stomach

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Working out early in the morning on an empty stomach

In general, working out is important because we need a strong body to compete. I found running or working out early in the morning provides me the courage to take on the day. The reason I work on out an empty stomach is because I need to get my workout done. The sooner I can wake up and start working out the sooner I can get started on other projects.
Early morning or late night productivity? 
All things considered, most businesses close shop around 5 pm. By and large, the morning is an opportunity to get stuff done before anybody wakes up for work. Additionally, the morning is a time for myself to get my mind right. On the whole, I prefer to wake up early in order to have the advantage.

How to wake up in the morning with energy?

For the most part, waking up in the morning requires will power. As can be seen, most folks prefer to sleep in when their alarm clock rings. Moreover, waking up in the morning with energy requires determination. In short, in order to wake up with energy, you need to have a plan for what you will be doing during the day. Altogether, to wake up with energy everybody must have a sense of direction and a desire to live the day to the fullest.

Running on an empty stomach first thing in the morning

  • Helps me to build discipline because I can prove to myself I am ready for the day
  • Keeps me strong for others because I have a stronger body
  • Allows me to feel great about myself because I take care of my body

How can I build my body without going to the gym?

  1. I use an app called FitStar to get my workouts done
  2. I use another app called YogaStar to do yoga
  3. Lastly, I use an app called Headspace to build my mind

My Road Bike

Bicycle riding to get in shape 
I tried to ride my bike more, but I still feel like I’m missing the point. My body enjoys feelings strong, and I’m not sure if riding bikes is providing me with the right kind of strength. I’m looking for alternatives. Maybe, there is an app to help me build muscle. Maybe, I will end of selling my bicycle; who knows?

How to be positive in life when everything is going wrong?
Obviously, life is going to get hard the older we get, but we can choose to live it wisely. I have found having good friends helps me stay positive. I have experienced a life of scarcity and uncertainty. Life is not easy by any stretch, but we can create an exciting one. When everything is going wrong in your life, turn to positive people on Youtube, Facebook, Social Media, etc. Find any positive person you can to talk to because other people can help you feel better about your situation.


    When I’m not with you I’m not me 

    You can only count on yourself! At least that’s what she said to me. I have loved you since the beginning I thought. The longer she is away from me, the more I feel like taking charge of my life.
    Where has my social life gone?
    Most of my life has been around people. Later, I found myself struggling to keep friendships because I was in the process of growing myself. So, working for other people in large organizations taught me to believe in myself. In life, you have to believe in yourself. Now, I have to find new friends on my own because I don’t work for an organization anymore.

    How life should be lived to the fullest…

    • Life should be lived by keeping the ones you love close to your person. 
    • Life should be filled with great people who love being around you.
    • Life should have lots of good tasting food in it. 

    Go where you feel most alive

    We feel most alive when we are closest to death. It takes me down to the very bottom before I realize if I keep this up I will end up nowhere. Why does it take me so low before I figure out I need to stay active or the body will surely die? I feel the need to stay strong physically.

    I Need To Get Bigger And Stronger
    Too many days have gone by where I felt weak. I figured we are all going to die one day, so might as well be proud of my body. Have you ever felt weak? I’m talking about thin, lonely, and depressed all of the time.
    Well, the whole deal is not good for me. It took me some days and nights, but I figured out why my girlfriend was leaving me. It was because I was not strong both physically and mentally. To explain, nobody likes someone who is sad all of the time.
    Basically, I need to be strong! Have you ever felt strong before? I’m talking about the kind of strength where you know that people would kill to be in your presence.

    The Future

    How do I see my life in the future? 

    • I see a life of fortune and fame.
    • I see a guy with many strong relationships.
    • I see myself helping many people become great.

    What have I learned over the years?

    1. Have money
    2. Have strength
    3. Have love

    Who am I and what am I looking for?

    • I am a thoughtful individual with many talents and looking for new experiences.
    • I am a NICE guy looking for quality relationships.
    • I am a genuine student looking for hardworking entrepreneurs.

    Lastly, I feel lonely when I don’t work out. I get depressed when I don’t workout. So, all I need to do is get my body moving around. Yes, life is short. Life is too short to feel down in the dumps all the time.
    Respectfully Written by Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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