Why is it important for a business to keep costs low?

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Too many times I have bought into different ideas about making money:

  • Investing for Dividend Income
  • Lending others money
  • Starting a business online
It was not until Dave Ramsey got me thinking about my money situation differently! Basically, cash is king. The more cash the better, and the more debt the more problems. So this may sound overly simplistic; however, the simplest things in life are often overlooked. 
Saving money is the key!

Now, I have been trying to save money my whole life. But, the process of saving money is not easy because I got distracted by school, military, and girls. 

  1. To free up more cash for paying down debt 
  2. So there’s more monthly cash flow in your pocket  
I have spent a great deal of my life learning to understand money. So far, I will admit I have my days where I am not thinking straight. Meaning, I make mistakes with my money too!

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