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#67 The Mind of The Customer | Customer Focused

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Create for the Customer

It’s a good idea to work hard because working hard is one key to customer success. Most people try to focus their attention on creating something of value. Creating something of valu is a good idea, however, one should also focus on customers!


This is a time in history when the attention span of a human being is at it’s smallest degree. People are searching for information at an incredible rate because theinternet made this possible. You’re job is to figure out what these people are searching for, and turn them into regular paying customers.

Customer Information

The reason the length of these paragraphs are so tiny on this post is because information searchers are skimming websites grabbing bits and pieces of information, and our job is to give them what they want as clear and concisely as possible. We don’t want to write anymore than we have to, right? This is the reason for focusing on the customer in the way that we do.

Human Customer

As the amazing future of technology comes to us at an exponential rate, we must begin to be as efficient as possible. Our blog posts should be as simple to read as possible because not only are humans reading the content, but search engine crawlers are too. Lastly, don’t forget you are a human being, and human beings are emotional creatures; so don’t worry so much about keeping up with all the tech stuffjust focus on the customer.
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