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Last Revised: April 15, 2016
Written By: Carl Wolfgang Schultz
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I want to show my readers how important doing push ups are.
Everything that I need to get done gets done in the morning. Before I head out to work, I want things done. We all deserve some personal achievement the morning. I want to take better care of myself. I’m sick and tired of wasting days away. Find a way to get things done in the morning, and leave the rest of the day to do whatever you wish.
Imagine what a typical day would like for you if you didn’t have to work.
Would you go to a local gym to work out or would you run around the neighborhood?
The reality is buying gym memberships can be expensive, and building a home gym is pricey. What would you do with that massive home gym if you had to move for a job promotion? Moving expenses can add up. Is there a piece of work out equipment that can give you a workout, easy to travel with, as well as affordable? The solution is the Perfect Pushup.
Do you find it rather difficult getting yourself to the gym every day?
You are not alone. Most people don’t go to the gym period, let alone workout. The price of paying for expensive gym memberships has skyrocketed over the last decade. The cost of is living going up in many parts of the world. Some folks know they need to work out, but they don’t because for many reasons. These people could benefit most from cheap workout equipment for home. A perfect pushup is a viable option.
How do you work out Carl?
Before I do my homework, I’ll stretch my body and lie down on the floor. I fall to the floor thinking to myself “this will stretch out into something of a push-up, i just know it.” Doing push ups is not the same thing as lying down on the floor! 🙂
What has working out at home taught me?
I learned how to be thankful for what I do have. Working out is more than fancy equipment, it is a way of life. In the morning, I like to stretch for a half an hour, and then I like to do some moderate cardio exercise to build stamina. Waking up and getting right to my workout is beneficial because I don’t waste time. Trust me; I don’t want to wake up early and work out, but it is necessary for a healthy body. Every single day, but I stretch every day. Stretching keeps my mind and body stress-free.
How do you choose among all the cheap workout equipment for home?
I think it all starts with an end game in mind. It depends on if you move around a lot. Most people don’t want to move a lot of heavy workout equipment around from city to city. It also depends on the kinds of exercises that you do on a frequent basis. If you do a lot of weight training, then the perfect push up might not work for you. I will admit that perfect push up is still a great buy because it helps tone your body. Pushups in general tone your whole body. They are a great work out.
Why are pushups a great workout?
Pushups are a great upper body workout. Pushups involve a minimal investment. It’s hard trying to compare the cheap workout equipment for home. I know I’ve been there before trying to get the best bang for my buck. For the busy individual, the perfect pushup is a great solution!
How do successful people work out?
The answer is they work out wherever they can. The odds of successful being in one place for a short period is slim to none. There’s a lot of times when I don’t feel like working out. There’s also times when I’m eager to work out. I wish I could find a balance between the two. End the desire to postpone a workout. You can do a push up work out anywhere from the convenience of your home.
What happens if when I get home, the perfect pushup breaks?
Finding quality products is not easy to do. Nobody wants to buy a product and then notice that product they purchased to be a defect. If your perfect pushup breaks on you worst case scenario you buy another set for cheap. They don’t cost much at all; maybe around $20.00 (American Dollar)
Can you take long trips with your workout equipment?
Sure you can. The perfect push up will take up space, but not as much as you think. You can put this product into your travel backpack. This product is so light; you might not notice that it is there. This product is ideal for travel enthusiasts like me who move around a lot. Might I add another important note? Camelbacks are a great investment too. Click here to see more camelbacks.
Would you rather teach yourself how to exercise? Or would you rather seek a professional trainer?
The idea of going to the gym gets people motivated. Being around other people can help us with the motivation we need to get things done. When people are around, we feel accountable for our actions. At least I feel that way when I’m around others. That is a justifiable reason to go to a gym, though, right?
What about people and their equipment?
Knowing how to locate cheap workout equipment for home is an important skill to have! Resourceful people are productive people. Learning how to use your “current” resources and you will be is a vital asset to any organization. The state of the art equipment at your disposal is nice, but that doesn’t always help the problem. Often it takes a lot of self-discipline to work out in the first place.
What’s my opinion about the Perfect Pushup?
The perfect pushup is a durable product. For most weights; if you are over 200lbs, there’s a more suitable option for you. I will put a link in the description below so you can see the other product. I am about 130lbs and use the two handles support me just fine.
Advantages of the perfect push up:
Customers can store this piece of equipment just about anywhere. They fit underneath my bed. They won’t take up much space.
Disadvantages of the perfect push up:
The bad thing about this perfect push up is that it doesn’t motivate me to do pushups. I don’t always have the proper motivation to do a pushup. Maybe, there is a way that this product can do that for me. I don’t, particularly like that it’s plastic. It takes away from the perceived durability. It is still durable, but I would like something sturdier.
You are currently reading: “Cheap Workout Equipment for Home.”
Okay, Who uses the Perfect Pushup?
The Perfect Pushup is ideal for folks who have limited time. People who just want a simple and effective workout routine. Getting in a fast and decent workout is necessary for these types of individuals. In the morning, I do my push ups with this gadget. In the afternoon, I do more push ups. In the evening, I try and do more push ups. There’s not a set schedule because I don’t want to stress out about my fitness too much. Try to be consistent with both your diet and your amount of exercise for the rest of your life. Don’t forget to stretch out a lot before you exercise.
Will the Perfect Push Up bring you results?
[Disclosure: Results will depend on your amount of effort given to the system]
The answer is yes, but if you work at it every day. When I am frustrated, I will take my anger out on my Perfect Push Ups. Push-ups are a great way to get your body into shape. The military made us do lots of many push ups. I see results with the perfect pushup. You must use it a few times per week to see results. I try and use it every day for greatest results. I like that each push-up handle is light. I can move them around with ease. I have not brought my perfect pushup handles with me on the airplane yet, but there should not be a problem. Bringing them onto the plane would be more a spacious problem than a security issue.
Carl, did the Marines teach you how to do a push up the correct way?
The answer is yes. The Marines did teach me how to do push ups. Even before the Marines, though, when I wrestled, we were always doing push-ups. In boot camp, they taught us to trust our team members. Our team does push-ups while the other teams are doing jumping jacks. Both teams rotate workouts, and we do everything by numbers; meaning we count out loud! Also, in boot camp, they taught us about exercising on our own. No matter where you are at in life, make due with the resources that you have. You know how the saying goes, “drop down and give me 20 push up right here recruit.” The Marines changed my whole life around.
Would you like to know what books I’ve been reading lately? Okay, here are a few books that I have been glancing at these past few months:
Interesting Fact:
The main reason people go bankrupt is because of medical expenses! Knowing this information, you can better plan or budget for upcoming medical expenses.
This blog post will help you gain a better understanding of cheap workout equipment for home.
Will the Perfect Pushup be your only home exercise equipment?
The answer is no; it won’t be. There are products and services out there ready to accommodate you. In that context, there’s an enormous amount of advertising directed towards you. This healthy lifestyle consists of tons of related workout items for your home.
“Keep it light” -Carl April 14, 2016.
Thank you for reading: “Cheap Workout Equipment for Home.”
What is one actionable step that my readers can take from reading this post?
  • Actionable Step #1 – Start doing pushups every day!
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