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#65 You Can Tell When You’re Focused

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The hardest thing to do is simply write about what’s on your mind. Personally, I get so distracted at times with all the many different websites out there offering different products and services. It can be really hard to stay focused on what’s truly important in life. However, You should stay focused on the important things in your life.
The important things should include the following:
  • Money
  • Safety
  • Healthy Relationships

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

I know I feel overwhelemed most days out of the week. It’s weird to me how stressed out I can get over life.  Sometimes, I wish I didn’t care about anything at all. I mean, It would make things that much easier for me. 
One minute I’m disciplined enough to make incredible blog posts, and the next minute I’m going off into left field trying to find the next biggest wordpress plugin to make my site load faster on mobile devices. Can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture? This just isn’t fair to me that I’m all over the place. 
I want a life that is focused on steady progress! I don’t want a life that’s complicated because life doesn’t have to be so complicated. What do you think? Is life pretty complicated for you too? 

Would you focus on the important things?

All of my life, I’ve been learning new skills that I hoped would make me a comfortable living in the future. These skills that I had devloped didn’t get accumulate overnight. It took me many, many years to perfect them into something useful. My point is that you have to learn one thing, and keep with that one thing until it’s finished, but don’t get too distracted down the road with the many other tools and resources available to you
There are so many resources out there for you to utilize, and I can’t say that you need all of them to be successful. Lately, I’ve been coming to the conclusion that you can’t waste your time trying everything the world has to offer; instead, you must pick something and go with it. Once you pick something, make sure itsystematically works, and stick with it. 

What do most people do? 

In general, I think most people are looking for that next big thing that will make their lives easier- I know because I’m one of them. The problem with this common, adaptability approach is that it takes away from your focus. Your focus is the most important tool that you have in your tool box because focus eliminates distracting, compulsive behaviors
It’s unfortunate that we live in a society where distraction is everywhere.Technology has really made us distracted, but, it has also benefited us in many ways. For example, I’m here on my laptop writing a blog post in the comfort of my room. While trying to stay focused, I’m also tempted to surf the web. I find it rather difficult to control my impluses

Why do we react on impluses?

The best explanation that I have for you is this:
You want to do the things that bring you satisfaction immediately. You are tired of working hard all day long, seeing no immediate results, and you need to take a break from it all. The one solution is to escape for a little while, and do the first thing that pops into your head.
Let’s hope that you make your decision wisely. All it takes is one bad decision, onimpluse, and your whole life could turn upside down – no pressure! You have theability to control your emotions. Impluses are nothing more than thoughts that quickly appear inside your mind that cause you to feel anxiety. 
Here’s 3 Reasons You Should Stay Focused:
  1. Staying focused brings more happiness into your life and work
  2. Staying focused can reduce stress, and bring clarity to your mind
  3. The ability to focus your mind helps goals get achieved

Bonus Material:

  • You have the potential inside of you to achieve extraordinary things
  • Don’t give up on your goals and ambitions because anything is possible
  • The moment you fall to the ground, look up because if you can look up, well, you can get up

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