What are you passionate about in life?

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Hey, thank you for being here today. I am going to be answering some popular questions pertaining to self-improvement, self-discipline, etc. First, let me tell you how enthusiastic I am about my new e-commerce website. See, I create websites to make money and help other people. 
What are you passionate about in life?
Life is full of mystery and wonder. Even more, every day is a new day. So, I am thankful to be alive. Now, what gets me excited and passionate about life? Well, I enjoy writing! Moreover, I enjoy the physiological side of writing such as:
  • Using emotional intelligence charts such as the Plutchik Wheel of Emotions
  • Using transitioning words when moving from thought to thought. 
Further, writing allows me to relieve anxiety and helps me to focus on the present moment. In addition, I get to post most, if not all, of my writing online. So, thanks to the Internet, I can create blogs online and sell my products and services. Lastly, my passion comes from making money and the accountability I receive from my many friends and family members.
How do you handle stress and pressure?
First, I am aware of my surroundings. Whenever I am feeling stressed out, I remember how important it is for my health to practice yoga or even exercise. Thus, my attitude is everything and it is within my best interest to have a positive attitude towards meditation. Again, I practice mindfulness. 
How to make time useful?
Basically, we have limited time. In my opinion, our time is tremendously valuable. Strangely enough, time seems to fly by faster than I know what to do with it. Meanwhile, I am not getting any younger. All things considered, I am using an app called to-do-ist to improve my productivity. By and large, I use the To-do-ist app more than Google Calendar. At the moment, I use many of Google’s products and services. 

I need to start working out.. Where do I start?

Presently, I am sitting at the kitchen table. As a result, I am at a cross road. How do I start taking precious care of my body? Above all, I am looking for a strong body. As a matter of fact, I have to have a big chest because it’s okay to be fit. Actually, I am more passionate about building my websites than I am working out. For this reason, I am choosing to exercise more.

Positive affirmations to say every day

  • I am here to change. 
  • I have self-discipline.
  • I am serious this time. 

Technology in the health and fitness industry 

No doubt, I see many days of working out ahead of me. Thus, I use an app called FitStar. I want a healthier life; so, my goal is to workout every day. Thanks to FitStar, I have a strong passion for technology and fitness at the same time. So, I am better off using this fitness app because exercise leads to good health habits. Before, I gave my everything to succeed, and now I notice nobody is going to care for your health more than you do. Lastly, make exercise a huge part of your life; no matter which app you use. Presently, I travel frequently to other cities and use the FitStar app to workout.

You have the patience, the strength, and the passion for achieving.

      First, I am guilty of thinking I need somebody to be my best self. Naturally, I have to have loving relationships to feel alive.
      So, I’m writing today because I have to say something. See, I have a blog because it keeps me busy. I focus on self-improvement and happiness. Oddly enough, I find love in all of the right places. In any case, my habits need a change. At the moment, my habits are self-destructive.
      Last but not least…

      1. Stop looking for love in all the wrong places.
      2. Instead, find the love within yourself.
      3. Truthfully speaking, meeting new people is healthy.   

      What have I become?

      • I’m feeling unproductive and weak
      • My focus is not sharp
      • My confidence is higher now

      Thank you for viewing this post.
      Respectfully Written by Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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