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An Awesome Virtual Mail Scanning Service

How do you get your mail when traveling?

I am the type of person who travels or moves to new cities regularly. The hard part is changing mailing addresses so much with my banks, employers, etc. I search and I find Anytime mailbox to be the most affordable. Anytime mailbox is very good to me.


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Millenials are like me, we want flexability on where we are going to live.

How do you get your mail when traveling?

Virtual Mail Scanning Service
Virtual Mail Scanning Service

Try this Virtual Mail Scanning Service

How does a virtual mailbox work?

They send me images of my opened mail and then I review the mail on my phone to see if I want to forward the mail to my current, physical mailing address. I use this service often because it allows me to shred spam mail which a lot of companies send. So, I tell people this “fake” virtual mailbox address so they can think they are wasting my time, but they are not because I am using this service.

Do You Require a Virtual Mail Scanning Service?

What is anytime mailbox?

Anytime Mailbox, I think, is a new company designed to take the frustration from people sorting through their mail. We can all spend our time better. This company is a blessing!

Do music producers travel?

Yes, I produce music. Traveling on a plane while making money from my music has always been a dream of mine.  I have been putting in a lot of time with work and side hustles to save enough money to invest in a music career for myself. I see anytime mailbox “essential” for me to receive my mail while I am away from my home. Not everybody who produces music is on the road all of the time. I keep a day job while at night I work hard on my music and website, etc.

What are your strengths performance review?

I notice others telling me I suck at certain skills. My opinion is to focus on what you are good at, and nothing else matters. For me, I love to make my website my own personal place to showcase my work. The site is fast, reliable, and trustworthy. You are going to find what makes you successful. The best use of my time is reading books and journaling. These are the skills I am good at. Do what makes you happy. To an extent, you will do tasks you do not enjoy. I prefer to work for others. Life goes on! Do not stop believing in yourself and strive to reach your dreams. My family as my motivation. There is no other bond quite similar to me and my family.


I love this app and am not switching to any other company; anytime soon! This is remarkable we can use this service during our lifetime. A lot of people ask about my address because I live elsewhere and this virtual address is in Las Vegas, Nevada. All in all, I believe you will find this service useful and a huge help when figuring out where you are going to live. This app is on my phone. Who knows? Maybe Now, I can leave my hometown for a spontaneous adventure.

Thank you for reading.

Carl Schultz


Anytime Mailbox

Roughly $20.00 per month












  • Friendly staff
  • Useful for travel
  • Simple & Convenient App
  • Stress reliever for sure
  • Affordable for sure


  • Not well known company
  • No real fixed pricing
  • Employees could be invading my privacy
  • A tad expensive when forwarding
  • May have stolen my grandmothers sent cash birthday envelope

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