Transmutation of Sexual Energy Benefits

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Alright, so my life is good, and I can’t complain; however, it could be much better. I know this because I have seen what I am capable from my past successes in life. (Example: Military, College, Work, etc.)

Thank you for arriving at our site, today! My aim is to enlighten you about this world of sex transmutation. If you have already heard of the subject well then this may still be of some importance to you.
We are going to talk about:

  1. being more productive
  2. finding your life purpose again

Transmutation of Sexual Energy Benefits

Who am I and what I am doing here? 

I am one of those kinds of guys who read a ton of books on self-help, and who has a million different side hustles and experiments going on.
I don’t want to waste your time, so let’s get right into it.
You’re here because you are interested in sexual transmutation, right? Excellent, so you know you are most certainly in the right place at the right time.
Now, real quick, if you are serious, which I think you are about bettering yourself, then take this post with one item in mind:
I really believe in the power of the compound effect; meaning, we are a habit of what we repeatedly do.
Before we get started:

  • You are not going to agree with everything on this page
  • Take the little nuggets of wisdom which work for your situation
  • Test these assumptions in your own life
  • Practice makes perfect 
  • Don’t give up on yourself
  • Forgive yourself if you submit to your impulses and cravings
  • Challenge yourself to grow spiritually and morally
  • Look at the brighter side of life
  • Remember you are stronger than you think

That’s pretty much it…

Transmutation of Sexual Energy Benefits

Along with my journey, I found this video below to be helpful with looking at porn addiction through a different lense:

  • I have listened to a lot of videos of porn addiction, and this one below is by far one of the best videos to help us grow out of our addiction. 
  • The reason I admire this person below is that he references a lot of books related to money and porn addiction to motivate his views to also get rich.
  • I strongly encourage you to dedicate an hour a week to soak in this particular video. It truly has helped me out, and now I feel more love and forgivenss towards myself.

N.a. “(67) 11 Inspiring Reasons To Stop Watching Porn and Create Success! – YouTube.” Youtube.com. n.d. Web. 21 Sept. 2017. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp2gRAdx5Vw>

Forgive yourself

If you give into your sexual cravings then so be it. Don’t beat yourself up over the failure. The way I see it is you have only so much time to bounce back and to try again. Trust me, this is not going to be easy. If you submit to your impulses or cravings just keep telling yourself you are not your mind. The important thing is you are acknowledging your failures and trying your best to improve yourself.

The benefits of forgiveness are endless!

What is this post about? 

This post is about challenging you physically and mentally to abstain from solo masturbation and porn.
In this post, I argue these two items are holding you back from becoming your true self and reaching your potential.
Here is my experience about overcoming my sexual desires. I hope you will find inspiration knowing you too can rise above your addiction.


I am pursuing a long life full of love and appreciation for my body and mind.

So whats the scoop?

Basically, I want to experience a more fulfilling life, and the only way to have this so-called glamorous life is too personally grow. And, as I sit here in my chair about to devour this box of Russell Stover, Dairy Cream Caramels chocolates.
And, as I sit here in my chair about to devour this box of Russell Stover, Dairy Cream Caramels chocolates, I am thinking to myself…
Right now, I am asking myself the following questions:

  1. How can I measure my personal and financial progress better?
  2. How can I channel my sexual energy into something more important?
  3. Why am I not reaching the level of success I know I can obtain? 
  4. Why am I here all alone, except for my family, crying about my situation?
  5. Who out there has already accomplished their porn and masturbation addiction?
  6. Where did I go wrong? Was I raised improperly or something? 

What am I learning?

I am learning a few things about sexual transmutation:

  1. Thinking about sex another way has the potential to turn our lives around
  2. Abstaining from solo masturbation can improve our self-discipline
  3. Furthermore, abstain from solo masturbation can possibly increase our income

Sperm loss causes weakness

I failed on the first week because when I got off work, I ended up thinking about what I was going to do in Vegas before I left to go home and then I realized I was in trouble because I was already having strong thoughts about women and I needed to release so I was looking for someone to meet that’s for sure.


How many times have you felt weak after giving into your desire to solo masturbate? 
I am learning how to look at women in a completely different manner. Before, I would scan girls up and down for lustful reasons, but now, I am eager to know girls personally. Life takes a turn for the better when we STOP LOOKING AT WOMEN AS SEX OBJECTS, and START LOOKING AT WOMEN AS PEOPLE. 
I have to admit this is not easy to do, and I only blame myself for my misconstruing behavior. The last thing I want to do is be a dog like a human being who only seeks sex. My new purpose in life is to treat all women well and kind heartedly for I know the grace is worth more than the misery of losing myself in the process.  
The reason I am writing this post is to encourage men and women with unhealthy sexual fantasies to seek an alternative approach and to think about their sexual lifestyle as a hidden driving force to be used in their careers, businesses, fitness, or any other healthy provision.

Relaxing Helps 

Anytime I feel anxious or overwhelmed by something I try to remember this triggers my sexual desires. I try to do anything which passes the time and pain I feel from not touching myself. 

  • Take a shower
  • Meditate
  • Go for a walk
  • Ride my bicycle
  • Listen to an audio book

How to

from what I remember I am not supposed to relapse and continue spanking it when I do fap because it leads to some sort of binge and I am not interested in binging right now.
I did end up binging multiple times afterward and then I shortly realized after the math that it was not for me, and I felt weak. So looking back I was so worked up from work that week and I couldn’t think of anything else but physical touch and sex to ease my frustration of daily life.

How to deal with sexual urges when single?

I couldn’t even watch a motivational video on YouTube because I was so worked up on thinking I needed to have sex before I went back home. I don’t know how to reward myself after a long week and that is a problem. I should have hopped into the shower instead.
All I remember was the high sensation and the thought of a woman’s touch would drive me crazy and keep me wanting more!
I didn’t know what to do with my time after work because I didn’t want to go make friends during my trip and I didn’t bother to call anybody else I know. And I suppose I feel safe at home, behind my computer screen; instead of going out to meet new people.
Porn addiction is no joke!
I can see how And why I binge because I feel like it’s not enough reward after I have waited so long to masturbate. I lose all control when I feel there is never going to be another opportunity for me and I need to remember that tomorrow is another day.


Emotional intelligence is so important! I always mention emotional intelligence in my blog posts because the concept can help us become more aware of our feelings; which in turn can aid or hinder us depending on our level of understanding.
By and large, there are around 32 emotions. More importantly, there are but eight primary emotions I would argue are worth your attention. 
Here are the eight emotions worth remembering:

  1. Joy and Sadness
  2. Trust and Disgust
  3. Fear and Anger
  4. Surprise and Anticipation
To put things into perspective here’s an excellent EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE explainer video below:
So why is it important to pay attention to our emotions when we are addicted to porn?
If we examine closely enough, addicted porn users face a lot of confusion regarding our past experiences and decisions.  Personally, I know I’ve been hurt and have also hurt other people; all contributing to my pain and misunderstanding of a healthy sexual relationship with one partner. I can see the hurt, struggle, and pain from my past, and paying attention to my emotions has helped me dive deeper into my feelings to better understand why I am having thoughts of anger, etc. As soon as I notice I am having destructive thoughts, I remember to forgive and love myself
I was so controlled by my emotions that I forgot to write in my daily planner before I went to bed. I think being out of town and not having a gym to go to threw my routine off. and made each night easy for me to go right to sleep after work. It’s hard for me to not binge because I know it’s going to be awhile before I fap again.
Learn to forgive yourself. Really important!
I’m not going to beat myself up today about failing to hold onto myself because I have the right mindset and I know this a good thing or practice because I am learning to overcome porn addictive behavior by abstaining from masturbation and abstaining from porn.
Now when I travel I can confidently save myself knowing it’s all worth it; its all worth the wait because it feels good to wait, and it makes me a stronger person by waiting.

Nofap, when do you see results?

My experience is unique in this sense that I use the special moments in my life to push me past my temporary pain. 
For example, my father gives my a lot of inspiration and hope. He gives me enough hope to channel my thoughts into something more productive such as building a business or giving back to my community so I think this helps with improving results. 
Perhaps you can find a similar story in your own life which will give you the result you desire from Nofap. 

My father gives me fuel to succeed.
Maybe what I needed was the fuel my father gives me when I am going through a hard time in life like when I thought I had cancer he was there for me at the hospital. I should not forget about my father and the strength he gives me when I feel most vulnerable to fap.
Night time is the worst.
It’s at night time when I feel completely drained and my mind has been so hard at work today that I make unwise decisions.

So, here’s what I want to test?

Transmutation of Sexual Energy Benefits

I want to test the assumption that if track the amount of time I can retain my semen there should be a direct correlation between the amount of money in my bank account and the length of time I retain my semen. Now how about them apples? Ha, what do you think?
Now, I know this is a professional website, but I want to make aware the porn epidemic in our country, and how important it is we address a widespread problem and hopefully make sense out of the situation.
Basically, I want to help others overcome their porn addiction!
Over the years, I have tested many different avenues for overcoming my addictions and luckily I was able to quit smoking cigarettes, and marijuana, and any other thing you could possibly smoke.
How did I do it? 
Well, one day I finally said enough is enough, and I started taking my health a lot more seriously. Now, I rarely feel any urge to smoke anything and have moved onto to porn and masturbation for my next goal.
Where did I learn about sexual transmutation?
Easy! Napolean Hill’s book THINK AND GROW RICH. This book has taken me years to read and re-read its teachings and philosophy. Definitely, not an easy book to understand the first time around; and, you have to patient to get the most important information the author is trying to convey.
When I first heard Napolean Hill preaching the concept of sexual transmutation I didn’t think much of it; however, months and even years later i began to feel unfilled and less productive and so I blindly decided I wanted to quit porn and what not and order some books on porn addiction from audible.com and in one the books I stumbled across a gentlemen who reaffirmed the practice of semen retention or sexual transmutation and from there I began researching google for more articles on the subject (see link BOLD AND DETERMINED link below) only to connect the relationship between semen retention and prosperity, again once more!
What have I learned about reading books on self-improvement? 
Well, for starters I never learn anything the first time around. Usually, I need to read the book two or three times around and then take some sort of action before I learn something of value. I always recommend sticking with books and never give up on learning something new because one day you might just remember a particular section of a long ago, book read by you and think to yourself hey “I remember something about this topic, let me refer to or reread that book on such and such.” You get the idea.  

Alright, so here’s the formula. Well, sort of.

The longer we wait to masturbate, the more income we receive.

Bare with me now, because this is a stretch worth testing. So here’s what I’ve decided to do. Since I have no money right now in my bank account literally, there’s not a better time or place to keep track of my progress.
Bold and Determined. “How To Channel Your Sexual Energy Into Power Like in Think and Grow Rich.” Bold and Determined. 24 Oct. 2011. Web. 24 Aug. 2017. <https://boldanddetermined.com/how-to-harness-your-sexual-energy/>
Whats the plan?
Practically speaking, I am going to draw a graph in my one of my random journals; and on the x axis I am going to write the words August 24, and continue writing for about a months time frame and on the y axis i am going to label the amount of money in my checking account to account for the progress I have made. What do you think?
Whats another option for tracking progress?
Well, I have here another way of measuring progress and it is as simple as this:

  1. Step 1 – Find your day planner
  2. Step 2 – Write the words Day #1 at the top of the planner
  3. Step 3 – Next to the words Day #1 write the amount of money in your checking

Obviously, there is no right way of measuring this track record, but I believe starting today is a good idea so you are not procrastinating. Make sure you are consistent and only using the checking account balance because that’s where all of your money is coming into anyway (example: direct deposit, passive income, interest income, etc.)
Below is another great post I stumbled upon recently which also breaks down the importance of retaining your semen because the whole process gives us what we need:

  1. attraction to women
  2. respect from others
  3. success with money
  4. better relationships
  5. more responsibility 

N.a. “14 Ways to Use Sexual Transmutation for Fun and Profit | Girls Chase.” Girlschase.com. n.d. Web. 25 Aug. 2017. <http://www.girlschase.com/content/14-ways-use-sexual-transmutation-fun-profit>
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I hope it found you at the right time in your life because you deserve happiness and fulfillment.
Respectfully Written,
Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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