The Power of Ambition: Unleashing the Conquering Drive Within You! | Book Review

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Chapter 1

Ambition.  First, living a better life takes an eager desire. Second, real ambition is discipline, eager, and desire. Third, dreams allow us to skip over obstacles. Next, your dreams must be well defined. Alongside, you’ll be as happy as you are right now. In the distance, you have to enjoy the journey.
Presently, success means different things to different people. Moreover, are you happy with who you are and what you are doing? Finally, success is measured through pleasure. Further,
Further, don’t give up until you get to where you want to be. Given these points, accomplish your goals one step at a time. Altogether, you must change yourself first. All in all, what small changes can I start making today? On balance, thank people along the way. In essence, learn from other successful people. Ultimately, the answers are inside of you.

Chapter 2

First, are you ambitious enough to reach your dreams? Second, what drives you to be a winner? Third, serving others is crucial to success. In the long run, giving to others is a good idea. Moreover, life gives us what we deserve, not what we need.
To find, you must search. If you search, you will find. For the most part, one discipline affects all other disciplines. In addition, get disciplined, and be disciplined every day.

Chapter 3

So, work on your attitude, health, and time management.  Next, am I disciplining myself enough? Make plans of your own. Is this the direction I want for my life? Also, What am I doing that works? Life takes patience. Follow your disciplines.  Know who you are. Next, you should know what is right for you.  Be ready for opportunities.  Set goals for yourself.  Further, be ready and worthy. Become the person you need to be.  So, see things through.

Chapter 4

In the first place, be responsible for the things that affect you.  You have to be self-reliant. Self-preparation leads to control over your life.  It’s easy not to get rich. After all,  it’s easy to keep bad habits.  Don’t neglect to do the easy things.  Do everything it takes to get ahead.  Do the best you can.  The essence of life is growth. Make as much money as you can.  Build good habits.  Write things down.  Don’t beat yourself up.  What went wrong last time? Discipline weighs ounces, regrets weigh tons.

Chapter 5

We are always trying to learn new things.  Apply everything you know!  Then, study your results.  Discipline is not easy to do.  The price of discipline or the price of regret.  For every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward.  Too much discipline can be a bad thing.  Have balance in your life. Visual chain thinking allows you to see where you are going in life.  Start your day when you know what you want to accomplish.  Plan your week on Sunday.  Plan your months.

Chapter 6

Positive self direction, self reliance, and self dicsipline are three items we covered so far in the book.  The fourth item is self enterprise. Can you see opportunity in all areas of your life?  Go after the opportunities.
  1. Creativity
  2. The courage to be creative
You want to have a greater self worth.  It is what we become which makes us valuable.
  1. What can I do?
  2.  What can I read?
  3.  Who could I ask?
Enterprise  a project or undertaking that is especially difficult, complicated, or risky.
Learn about how to get the most from life!  Life and people are topics of books we should be reading.  Keeps your fears in check!

Chapter 7

Work with others.  Be as kind as you can.  Be kind to everyone.  Be sensitive towards others!  Skills will make you a fortune.  Your reputation will help you before you arrive.  Develop your vocabulary!  Poor vocabulary equals poor behavior.  Read what you see!  Read what you hear.  Read what you feel.  Let people know you care.  Learn to work with others who deserve it!

Chapter 8

Acknowledge your accomplishments!  Self-appreciate is a part of success.  Everyone looks at success differently.  Read a variety of books.  People always have a different perspective!  Always be eager to learn new things.  It is okay to say no to things!  You can appreciate what you have done so far.  What do I want to do?

Chapter 9

Don’t use the office to escape from home.  Balance work time and home time.  What good is a mansion on the hill if you got no one to share it with?  Treat your body like a temple.  Have a support system which will take you where you want to go.  Find an exercise program that you enjoy.  Everything matters!
Learn to be strong but not rude.  Be proud but not errogant.  Life is unique.  Raise a strong and healthy family.  Share your beliefs with your family.  Get to know your children.

Chapter 10

Discover your own talents. Invest your money. Being rich is not a bad thing. The difference is your philosophy. Teach kids generosity. Profits are better than wages. Lend money and don’t spend money. Its all about attitude towards money. It doesn’t happen over night. It takes time to get rich.

Chapter 11

Many people have a problem with failure. Success requires many failures. The numbers tell us the whole story. Invest in the material for your mind. Take charge of your own life. Be thankful for your limitations and failures. Use all of your knowledge to succeed. You attract success by the person you become. Become stronger than you are so your investments grow. Keep looking and be patient. Always be looking for new opportunities.

Chapter 12

You are more than your ambition. Find out before action is taken. Focus concentration. You have to zero in on the target. Where ever you are, be there! How would you handle it if you lost everything you had today? Take charge of the situation. Get back on course. Be creative. Have a sense of humor. Success is at the service of others, not at the expense of others. Pay the fair price for things, do it for what it will make of you. Leave a profit. I fought a good fight. Finish the task. Don’t live a small life.
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Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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