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The importance of the word of god in the life of a believer

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Way back in the day, I never knew why I was going to church. Basically, my parents went all out in the fact I remember being at church every morning. Of course, this was during a time when our family was together. Now, we don’t see each other much more due to my preferences in being around the right people.

More often than not, we run away from God for different reasons. So, it took me lots of years and tribulations to realize I prefer to have God on my team. Moreover, I don’t expect you do agree with everything I am saying. However, I desire for you to keep an open mind as you go about your journey.

the importance of the word of god in the life of a believer

Why is the word of god so important?

First, I am new to this following of Jesus routine. I try to only give others advice on what has been working wonders for me in my life. Is Jesus really making that big of an impact on my life and success?

For starters, I have nobody in my life to lean onto! I believe lots of people turn to drugs and alcohol among many things to cure the fact they are lonely inside. Face the music, we are all uncertain about the future. Trust me, I feel it too. Thankfully, I can follow down, what I think to be, a better path for myself. Not to say, one religion is better than the other.

What does the word of god do in our lives?

So, God has given me mercy in so many ways. No way, I am not perfect. However, God has blessed me beyond my deserving. Thankfully, I have a hard work ethic, but hard work alone is not enough. You have to believe in something. For me, at the very least, I can look forward to meeting God someday.

In like manner, I’ve been through so much in my life: 

  • Parents divorce
  • Combat military deployment
  • College graduation
  • Girlfriend leaving me
  • Poverty
  • and the list goes on

In conclusion,

I always wish other people the best success in life because we all know life is not easy. We need every blessing we can get, and even then that may not be enough to be happy. My challenge to you is this:

Read the Bible for yourself; and let me know if the word has increased your faith


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