The Importance of Gratitude and Appreciation

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Being grateful is so important because it opens us up to a whole new world full of joy and excitement.

My whole life is improving because I chose to practice gratitude on a daily basis. In fact, I keep a journal by my bedside, and I write in the journal every chance I get because I know how important the ritual is for my overall happiness.
See, I grew up unappreciative about my surroundings and environment; don’t ask me why or how I just was not appreciative for whatever reason. So, later on in life, I began reading lots and lots of self-help books which guided me along the right path towards self-awareness and ultimately leading to the daily practice of feeling gratitude.
I agree, most people laugh when they hear the word Gratitude. however, the word goes much deeper than the surface.
I want to study-gratitude.
Basically GratitudCan change your whole outlook on oneAnd help you to feel better about yourselfEspecially when nobodyIs thereTo Boost your self esteem.I want the best for youGratitud solution.
In school they do not teach us gratitude. NOw, is your chance to hear me out on this one topic. I solely believe in the power of gratidude because I know its effects have altered the course of my life for the better in that I am more appreciative, thankful, and blessed to be alive.
YOu know life really is something isn’t it? I mean we all have our problems and struggles dont we? I understand…

Importance Of Gratitude In Life

Growing up I had a lot of issues because I didn’t understand life.I don’t think everybody is expected to understand a life that the get-go. If you’re anything like me you grew up getting into trouble, And always searching for the meaning of life.I sometimes envy families who teach their kids at an early age to be grateful for their lives-and practice gratitude on a daily basis.Oftentimes I wonder if they’re still families out there who do this.

  1. Gratitude is important because it teaches you to become more aware of the blessing already in our lives. 

I firmly believe that we should all be grateful for a life because life is a blessing and how many people don’t get to wake up do the things that we get to do. Unfortunately, we are all going to take our last breath in this world at some time or another, and it’s up to us to make the most of every moment.I challenge you to breathe gratitude often throughout your day.

The Importance of Gratitude and Appreciation

I fear most children will grow up not truly ever knowing the power gratitude has on our lives. It should not take a miracle for our youth to find its undeniable power. Personally, I have seen my perspective on life improve because gratitude allows me to hold my life closer to my heart for tomorrow may never come; you know?

  • We must be grateful for the experiences we do have on a daily basis because having gratitude brings more abundance into our lives.

How to Practice Gratitude?

  1. The way to practice gratitude is to list out our items we are grateful for having in our life. Usually, I list about ten items every day. So, there is a theory going around which says having more money is correlated with having more abundance. Basically, I understand if I desire more money, then, I need to be more thankful and practice gratitude. 

Practicing Gratitude and Positive Thinking

It took me years to stumble on gratitudes presence.
Moreover, trying to find the meaning of gratitude is like searching for a needle in a haystack because the concept is not widely advertised in our daily commute; if you know what I’m saying.
Often, we hear more about celebrity gossip than we do the miracles gratitude has in peoples lives. I have even heard some billionaires pronouncing gratitude as their reason for financial success. That’s a good enough reason right there for me to appreciate the money I do have today.
I mean, how can you ever be grateful for a million dollars if you are not even grateful for the few dollar bills YOU DO HAVE in your wallet right now. It’s an endless and vicious cycle we go through these days when we perceive scarcity versus abundance. Truly, I want you to feel your best every day and be thankful for what blessings you do have now in your life because when we look deep into our heart we realize we have been given the greatest blessing of all — OUR MINDS!
We have the ability to think for ourselves and to make choices about where we would like to take our lives. How cool is it that we get to freely chose what we want to think about instead of someone forcing us to think a certain way.

What is the best gratitude journal? 

There are a lot of journals out there you can buy to help you practice more gratitude. Now, I prefer the good old fashion composition paper notebook because something about using our hands to physically write out using a pen on a paper makes me concentrate more and really get into the whole practice. Everyone is going to have different experiences of course and you should discover what is right for you.

  • There is an excellent app I have discovered called “Wants & Thanks, Journal Gratitude.” The app is neat! More importantly, I enjoy practicing gratitude using this app because I believe gratitude is the answer to more abundance in my life through relationships, money, adventure, and more. 

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