The History of Libraries Through The Ages

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The History of Libraries Through The Ages is a quick post about the importance of libraries, important libraries discovered in the past, and how libraries assist entrepreneurs’ in their daily lives.
Here are two reasons why you should read further:

  1. Libraries give us opportunities to research any subject
  2. Libraries help us focus primarily because most libraries are quiet places.

So, if you enjoy libraries then, you are going to love this post because I do too! 

The History of Libraries Through The Ages
First, I am researching around for different opinions regarding early library history. So, the bullets below are some notes I have gathered from a particular website discussing the history of libraries.
Here are my notes:

  • Libraries have taken on different forms over their existence. 
  • Documented research on past societies. 
  • According to Zen College Life, the first library is located in ancient Egypt. 
  • Historical readings and date originating back to centuries.
  • Early civilizations carved out clay tablets and papyrus plants and used them as books. 

Zen College Life | Http://www.zencollegelife.com. “The History of Libraries Through the Ages – Zen College Life.” Zen College Life. 20 Jun. 2017. Web. 26 Jun. 2017. <http://www.zencollegelife.com/the-history-of-libraries-through-the-ages/>

How do you act in libraries?

I like to walk inside and look around at the architecture because the whole place can either be exotic or plain. Personally, I do not like or enjoy plain. More importantly, I see libraries as a sanctuary or a place to be one with myself. Basically, libraries give me room to breathe. Fortunately, libraries provide me with the resources to:

  • Print anything really!
  • Fax your insurance, etc.
  • Scan your important documents to someone else
  • Read newspapers and articles; …going way back…
  • Watch tapes and/or programs
  • Hear from other people’s experiences when you read books. 
  • Listen (Audio tapes, etc.)

When was the first library built in the world?

Where was the first library located?

The Purpose of A Library System

In my opinion, libraries are not being used to the fullest because most people use the computers and office supplies.

What are the sections of a library?

Technology In The School Library

Technology In Library Services

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