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Pros and Cons of Rural Living | Elko, Nevada

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The Pros and Cons of Rural Living. There are so many reasons to stay in a big city. Personally, it took an arm and a leg to get me out of there. Actually, it took my family to come to rescue me. I literally hit rock bottom, or so it felt this way. Then, out of the blue, the opportunity to move upstate and live with my brother came to my understanding.

Rural values vs urban values

I notice folks in smaller towns have more community, hard work, and respect for each other. You see more people holding doors open for strangers. Bigger cities are confused when I say hello or open the door. I see the hustle and bustle of the big city. Still, I have big city blood inside of me. I grew up struggling in Las Vegas.

Pros and Cons of Rural Living

Health problems in rural areas

If you have little money it may cost more because every medical facility is so far away from small towns. Example, you need a more advanced doctor to treat you if you’re facing heart issues – only an example. Small towns are difficult at times, you may need to factor in travel costs to relocate to a better facility.

What measures are taken to improve access to care in rural areas?

High costs are associated with small town medical facilities because highly skilled qualified doctors are scarce. I see many folks completely avoiding going to medical because the price for treatment is not worth it. Unfortunately, most of us do not make enough money to or prepare ourselves for medical emergencies. Consequently, our health goes into the toilet. Sadly, I argue for better medical prices so others here can clean themselves up and practice routine checkups semi annually.

Pros and Cons of Rural Living

Bad things about rural areas

  • Less malls and outlets
  • Mechanics who charge out the $&@#
  • Less competition so high prices on homes
  • Less technology and slower to accept the current best practices such as Uber
  • Not many options for shopping
  • Less restaurants to choose

Pros and Cons of Rural Living

Why is there more job opportunities in the city?

Wow, would you believe me when I say it is about the same proportionally. I find myself thinking and fearing about the quality of jobs in smaller towns. Truthfully I am convinced the mindset is the problem; not the economy or the number of jobs in your city. It appears bigger means more money but the opposite is also true. Smaller towns pay well too! #mythbusted












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