Peter Drucker The Effective Executive Review

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Tim Ferris recommends this book. So, I jumped right in and started reading. Actually, I bought the audiobook. Here you go, Peter Drucker The Effective Executive Review.

Should I focus more on reading books, than producing content?

The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker Audiobook

I’m sure we all want to be an executive at some point in our career. I chose this book to read because I want to see what the author is talking about in terms of management. I am not the best person at managing my time. Initially, I was looking to learn more about time management strategy from this book.

What have you learned from reading?

I did not really learn much from this book. It’s actually a waste of time. Let me save you the time you can use elsewhere with some brief bullet points.

Here they are below: 

  • Knowledge workers are different than labor workers
  • Being effective is important because results matter
  • Have the ability to get the right things done
  • Know where your time goes
  • Focus on contribution
  • Build on strengths
  • Focus on priorities
  • Make effective decisions

All my life, I’ve been in labor. Now, I am more interested in being a knowledge worker. One day, I would like to be an executive.

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What makes an effective executive?

Personally, I believe being an effective executive means helping others become more successful. Being a leader is important for both parties.

  • Being able to listen before you speak helps us to take in the whole situation
  • Set deadlines for tasks so you don’t lose track of time
  • Hiring others is very important; people seldom do this right

Peter F Drucker The Effective Executive Summary

Overall, the book is comprehensive! I had to listen to the audio slower than usual because of its extensive amount of information. Then, I sped up the book up because it was so boring! As you move up in the organization, you focus more on internal issues. Likewise, when you are lower, you focus on external issues.

Peter Drucker The Effective Executive Review

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The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker













  • Easy to understand
  • Insightful
  • Historical Info
  • Educational
  • Good refresher


  • Too Business Oriented
  • A bit boring
  • Not practical at times
  • Repeats itself too much
  • Beats around the bush

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