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Max Out Your Life Book By Ed Mylett

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This book is simple to understand. I enjoy referring back to it so much because of the meaning behind the words. Ed is a real, genuine person who deeply cares about others. You can see his facial expressions in his videos. He can relate to others very well. This book by Ed has helped me to shift my identity by surrounding myself with the right books and people. I can confidently say this is a book you will want to come back to often.

The book review

So, here’s my review of the “#Maxout Your Life Book.” Believe me, the author of this book is helpful. I desperately needed Ed’s companionship. I am grateful to be able to write this post. I am a younger guy who is always looking for tips and tricks to change my mindset from good to great! I only write about books which have changed my life for the better. My aim is to share with you the power of this man’s message. Please, grab a copy of this book. The book itself is short, but the message is powerful.


Often, authors write books which are way too long to read! This is simply not the case for Ed’s new book.


Ed Mylett and Grant Cardone

I follow both of these individuals religiously because they are both so unique. Grant is a complete badass, and Ed is successful and full of down to earth inspiration. I strive to be similar to both of these men because they can demonstrate to me the importance of chasing down the ultimate version of myself. 

Read as many books as you can which inspire you to grow. 

#Maxout Your Life Book



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