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Marketing Entry Level Jobs

Hello, My name is Carl Wolfgang Schultz. Thank you for coming to my site. I want to share with you today my knowledge about marketing entry level jobs.I’m still pretty new to business marketing, but I do have some experience marketing my own stuff on the internet. When I first launched WolvOfficial® back in 2005, I had a rather difficult time trying to get people to listen or read my stuff. It wasn’t easy by any means. I struggled, and I struggled some more before I finally landed on some pretty neat marketing strategies.
Common Misconceptions About Marketing
  1. You business doesn’t need marketing
  2. Marketing is not worth the time and effort
  3. Why hire a marketing professional, when I can do it myself for less?
  4. I don’t need a marketing team, how hard could it be?
  5. Once I build the website, they will come to it.
Think You’re Cut Out For Doing Job?
This is my last year in college. I graduate with a business marketing degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Before I was going to college, I was doing business marketing for my brand WolvOfficial. It consisted of a lot of time and money spent on trying the many different products and services out there trying to get the brand name heard. I can honestly say, that after all the time and sweat put into learning the marketing stuff, I finally have some traction in the business.
However, it wasn’t until I went to college that I truly learned what marketing was about. I learned from professors who were well recognized for there achievements in marketing. I went into my upper level marketing classes thinking I knew everything there was to know about marketing. The reality was that college put things into perspective for me. I would have not been able to comprehend all the different aspects of marketing if I didn’t go to college. Furthermore, I want to share with you that marketing is not something that you can learn over night. You have to spend a lot of time figuring out what works and what doesn’t work for each marketing plan or campaign.
Keep in mind that I had a huge amount of knowledge in marketing before college, but college reinforced my knowledge by 100%. In college marketing classes, we learned how to present our cases in front of the class. We learned that when we build websites that we need to have [call-to-action] buttons on every page. We learned that setting the right price for a product or service can mean the difference between success and failure. Most importantly, we learned that to achieve bigger results, one must learn to work as a team to get the job done. This is what I learned while in college. This kind of  knowledge you can’t put a price on.
10 Quick Tips About Marketing Entry Level Job Search
Okay so here’s the good stuff. I have compiled some tips for going through your marketing entry level job search. Note that finding a job isn’t always easy, but you can make your life easier by following these tips. I have been known to land jobs becaus of these tips. The key item to remember is that you get out what you put into your job search.
  1. Apply online using Indeed! – Keep your phone ringer loud so you can hear when they call. (Set up voice mail properly)
  2. Have you schedule of availability ready to hand over to your future employers.
  3. Have a resume printed out (one page only) ready to hand to your future employer.
  4. Check your email every day for the first sign of an interview meeting from your job searches.
  5. When you go to your interview, you should always dress up! Smell your best too.
  6. Be ready to sale yourself as soon as you sit down at the interview.
  7. Let the employer know how much you love this line of work and mean every word you say.
  8. After the interview, follow up with the hiring manager and thank them for their time. (Goes a long way!)
  9. What every you do, keep putting in applications for other jobs, even if one employer is interested. (Stay on the grind!)
  10. Don’t get discouraged saying things like you know how the economy is right now. You got to want the job! You got to earn it! You will get it if you put the time in looking for a job.

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