Is it better to expect good things to happen?

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Life as we know it..

First, I have been blessed beyond my content. I have a great job. I work very hard on my side projects.

So, life as we know it is all about finding happiness no matter the circumstance or situation you find yourself in. Perhaps, it all happens too fast, but my intuition is telling me there’s more out there to explore.

Moreover, I’ve spent most of my life competing with other people. In the end, I find competing with myself has been the greatest reward, both spiritually and physically.

Why do some people believe the earth is flat?

Of course, I am being funny here because the earth is not actually flat. In like fashion, some people walk through life doing the best they can. Whilst, others thrive in life with different attitudes. How can this be?

Yes, I believe it’s important to set goals no matter how frightening the world may appear. We live only once, and oh my how time too flies by.

In conclusion, promise me you will make every moment count. Because, you will surprise yourself when you find the potential has been inside you all of this time.

Respectfully written,

Carl W. Schultz

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