Is Being a DJ a Good Career?

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Every day is a new day and there’s no telling what life will throw your way. For me, life is simple. It does not need to be complicated…

Is Being a DJ a Good Job?

  1. Absolutely, being a DJ is rewarding!
  2. Sometimes, leaving a venue can be dangerous.
  3. Without a doubt, you can receive handfuls of cash.
  4. During the day, you can expect to listen to a lot of music. 
  5. Additionally, DJ’s build a music library and add music to a hard drive. 

First, being a DJ is more about performing for an audience than it is about the money. Next, finding and getting gigs are two separate entities because once you have a gig, well, let us just say it’s easier to find another job when you currently have a job. Lastly, traveling as a DJ requires adaptation due weather and climate restrictions. 

Okay, let’s talk about the weather for a moment…

  • Road conditions must be free from heavy rain, snowfall,  extreme cold, and heat.
  •  The weather determines how long you play music for because if the weather is too hot it can fry your hardware or destroy your speakers and turntables. 

Can we be honest for a second? Most importantly, it takes money to make money. Also, it takes hard work to persevere in the face of uncertainty. Basically, it’s so easy to quit when things are not going our way.

Why is discipline important in life?

Of course, the life I have is literally so unpredictable. So, I am trying to make it more meaningful. Next, I am learning to believe in myself more and more because the way to greatness is by having self-discipline. Also, I don’t believe binging is a good idea. Afterward, the energy is diminishing within our bodies so we are losing strength. First and foremost, our bodies need lots of energy to accomplish everyday tasks. Now, if one desires a higher standard of living then the body has to generate more energy to complete those more meaningful tasks. In conclusion, complete your bigger tasks and harvest your energy by practicing self-discipline.

First, my inspiration for getting back into being a DJ. A person by the name of DJ Paradice professionally came into my life, and I want to tell you about the experience.
Here’s what I have to say about finding a mentor:

  • So, I asked him to be my mentor. (A DJ type of mentor)
  • Basically, I am glad I introduced myself to Paradice. (I will include a link in the to his profile in the description so you can follow his work.)

List of Things that Inspire You

  1. Getting energy from the crowd. 
  2. Getting positive feedback from the crowd too.
  3. Introducing myself to new people interested in what I’m doing!

What inspires me in life? Well, the first item which inspires me is the thrill performing live, and going after what scares me. I have what it takes to excel my way through the good times as well as the bad.
How are you going to up and leave like that? Certainly, it is not easy to be brave, and it is also not easy to go into the unseen either. So, I have an idea. Why not be a DJ for a little while and then see how much you enjoy being a performer? More importantly, the hard part about wearing many hats is prioritizing for me because I have many things I want to get done and only twenty-four hours in one day. In the end, I try to stay busy at all costs to avoid getting bored or worse getting myself into some unfortunate legal and financial trouble.
Benefits of using blogs in the classroom. The nice part about technology is the fact we can use it to our advantage. I can preach about this subject all day long. To save time, I will say blogs are the future, and always will be because, in general, the content itself drives forward businesses. So, if you can have a place which is someplace you can call home then you can create a whole directory of blog posts in your collection to share now and in the future.
Essentially, look at it this way.

  • Now, the more blog posts you create, well the more chances you can have at making a sale, or often times more connection with potential business clients. (Making connections is vitally important)  

I juggle both websites and all social media which can be daunting at times, however, I love working on both of my websites because both are completely separate. I treat each website with a different goal in mind. On the one hand, I write to promote my music, and the other hand I’m interested in selling furniture related decor products to executives.

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