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I’m getting a head start on the morning

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Undeniably, waking up on your own is terrible; unless, you know your “why.”

Every day is a fresh start

First, I am not a morning person. However, after some time and discipline, I was able to get myself up as early as 3 AM.

Should you get up this early?

Waking up early is not for everybody. I’m really happy I do though. Work can get really stressful at times. And, I want to have some peace of mind before I walk into it.

Handwritten vs typed journal

It’s totally up to you. As long as I am alive I would choose keeping a digital journal.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts with other people.

So, having a physical journal is great when or if you plan to keep information a bit more private. Conversely, digital journaling can be easier to publish online.

Habits are powerful because…

After some time, I learned more and more about my unhealthy habits.

Without a doubt, we have to have a system in place to manage our crazy lives’!

Currently, my habits are on point.

  • I seem to be getting a lot more done these days through repetition.
  • I noticed having a job though helps a lot too because I need somebody such as a work boss to motivate me – to show up on time.

So, I feel a bit tired this morning. Next, so what does my typical morning routine look like anyway? Well, below is a great example of my morning routine in no particular order:

  1. wake up and use the restroom
  2. sit down at my computer to write a blog post
  3. next, write in my private journal using “DayOne” app
  4. Pray to God on the stairwell in private
  5. Affirmations – out loud.. could be anything
  6. Stare at my vision board and imagine
  7. Lift heavy weights at the gym -the best part!
  8. Lastly, I read the Bible with ear muffs on before heading to work

Obviously, there are other little things such as preparing my lunchbox I left out. (we can talk about this in another post.) Finally, morning routines are powerful.

I feel much accomplishment and satisfaction when I get these items checked off my list early. The earlier the better because at the end of the day, well I am exhausted and spent.

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