I Don’t Want To Spend This Much Time On Overcoming Sin And Temptation. How About You?

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Overcoming Sin and Temptation

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Overcoming Sin and Temptation

Overcoming Sin and Temptation

Overcoming Sin and Temptation. I’m just so incredibly thankful to be here today. Even though temptations are all around me, I still feel strong enough to avoid them.
Most of the time, I try to ask good questions, but seldom does that ever work out. Haha. I really appreciate the good things that come into my life. Right now it feels good to be a winner lol. I sound a bit conceited, yeah I know, my bad. but, you know what it REALLY is something to be standing here today. I get to help people on a regular basis. and it feels great.
overcoming sin and temptation

overcoming sin and temptation
Are you overcoming sin and temptation?
There are days when I’m down in the dumps. I don’t know why I’m down when I am, but I’m determined to live a life of passion. The strangest feeling is when life is going my way and then, out of no where, things go wrong. I’m use to things getting more difficult from here on out so I need to be prepared more mentally. That’s right, it’s all in the mind. Although I may never be perfect, still I’m prepared for most situations.
Selfdiscipline has helped me get through those hard times. I try to be my best self every day, but some days I just need to relax my mind.
Overcoming Sin and Temptation Is Not Easy
It’s hard to control my emotions because so many events happen in one day for me. How am I suppose to manage all of these thoughts? Well, emotions have a lot to do with our inner thoughts. Maybe I should take a course on managing my emotions. Are there any are available? This might help me become more aware of my emotions.
Do You Know Anyone Who Is Overcoming Sin and Temptation?
Do you have the same problem of getting your thoughts down on paper? It’s hard for me to get my thoughts down on paper because I have too many thoughts coming at me all at once. I suppose this blog really helps me to get my thoughts down.
  1. When I first started this blog, I had no idea how large it would get. All I knew was that I wanted to share with others my vision. Having said that, knowing that one day my blog would make me money, maybe then my environment would change, and I would become less prone to temptation. What I learned from becoming more successful financially is that I’m still the same person and that it comes down to self-discipline. It will always be about self-discipline.
Monitoring your emotions takes time. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight.
Many of days it is tempting for me to just sit at home and do nothing, but the reality is that if I don’t do something, anything, then I will surely fall behind. These last few days have been pretty difficult for me because I’ve been trying to make more money. Even though I am pretty satisfied with my current financial situation, I know that discipline is the only thing that is going to raise my financial situation.
The thing is I only have so much time in one day, and I go to school full-time. I also work part-time, but I’m looking to take on more work here during the weekends. My game plan is to keep putting money away in my investment accounts so that I can become financially independent; hopefully, here in the next few years.
Once you understand how it life works, it’s only a game from there. I get tempted a lot to quit what I’m doing with this whole Internet business because I’m just not making large amounts of money yet, but here are times when I really believe in myself and am glad that I didn’t quit or give up what I had started.
I wish I could believe in myself more than I already do. These other Internet bloggers make it look so easy. Some of them claim that they make a lot of money doing it; somewhere in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The sad thing is I believe them.
Lately, I’ve been driving for Uber. Driving for Uber helps me  to make ends meet every month. It’s not easy by any means to drive for this company. It can be scary at times picking up random customers. Trust me, if I could make it a safer job I would. The cool thing is the side-job puts a little extra cash in my pocket every month. I mean at least, it offsets the cost of my huge car payment. That always helps. Driving for Uber is convenient for me. While I’m going to college, driving with Uber helps me to stay focused on making money and less on spending time and money on things that don’t get me ahead. Overcoming sin and temptation is difficult to do, but Uber has helped me to reach my potential by having me focus on my goals of being financially independent. The hardest thing to do is to imagine a life after college. I work so damn hard you know, and I get paid so very little, but one day it will be my time to collect my debts paid.
At least after college, I have a chance of making more money, right? There’s a good chance that my college degree will help me land a job that I wouldn’t be able to obtain otherwise. I really want to hang in there and keep fighting the good fight you?
I know that life can mean so much more than college.  That’s why I’m finishing college and looking forward to life after college . I don’t want to give up on my future. A college education is one chapter of my life I don’t want to miss.  I don’t want to fall into temptations while I go to college. There’s so much temptation while going to college. If anybody’s up there looking down on me, please give me the strength to graduate. Please help me stay free of temptations so that I can focus on my studies.
I’m not sure how much you know about me but I live a crazy life. It all started when I was learning how to play the guitar. I had a dream to be a big success in the music industry. However, temptation got the best of me and I got distracted. Making music gives me joy and satisfaction and that’s why I stuck with it to perform for others. My friends would smile as I played my guitar for them. It meant a lot to me to see them smile. I still play the guitar, but not as much anymore; however when I do play, I play from the heart, and I do so very well. The point here is that self-discipline can help you with sticking to your passion.
When I was a lot younger, around the age of 16, I had big dreams. I think the reason I had big dreams was because I did not have expenses to pay every month. Now, it frustrates me that I have to work so hard to keep my dream alive.
I feel like somewhere in the world someone is counting on me to exceed the people’s expectations. I feel one of my purposes in life is to live a dream of releasing songs on the radio. People can connect to it and relate with.
At the end of the day we all get tired and we need a break. If you value what you currently have right now, then you cherish your life. Simple things can get so complicated.
Why is life so tempting?
I’m still sitting here thinking to myself about the awesome days I had in the past. Temptation never bothered me back then. You know I made some mistakes in the past, but I learned from my mistakes because I’m content with where I’m at in life now. You should be as well.
You are capable of anything you put your mind to. I hope you know that about yourself.
Over the span of your life, you will witness many, many breathe-taking moments because every day is a brand new day; and it is a new day, a chance to get your life back on the right track again.
Life is full of adventure. Today I got to be out in the sun running errands.
Temptations are similar to distractions in a way. They both can be distracting. I feel tempted a lot throughout my day.
For example, today I felt like not studying, but I knew I had to. It doesn’t just end there. There are times when I must get away.
Anyone would agree that staying free of temptation and distraction could potentially be a good idea.
You have to be aware of your emotions, and how you’re feeling. Every day is an opportunity to develop your emotional intelligence.
Reading taught me a lot about personal development. I don’t remember all those books I read in the past, but I do remember reading books in those libraries and that has to mean something right? What was it about reading in those libraries that made me want to learn more about discipline? I was really excited back then. Those were the days and they were filled will excitement. Okay, so I want to talk about the whole library thing for a second. I think I already told you that I love going to the library for very distinct reasons. It’s really nice to get away at times.
My earliest memory of building a website was sitting in a local Las Vegas library. I spent days figuring out the best platform to create a website on. Learning about HTML and website design frustrated me to no end, but I pulled through because I was determined to create one. It didn’t happen overnight that’s for sure. That’s why you have to stick to things you commit to. Do what you love to do.
Even before building my website, I was reading books and learning about business and the rules of making money. I suppose you could say that I had a passion for hard work.
What does my website have to do with temptation? 
I spend a lot of time working on my blog. It bothers me that I can’t figure out what my users like about my website. It’s the constant measure of analytics that keeps me on my toes. You can get a bit overwhelming at times, But I try to keep my head up. It’s important to never quit something that you start; especially if that means a lot to you to begin with. The thing is I really believe that I can make money with this website. It helps that I am already making money from my website, but it’s not enough to really support me just yet. At the moment, Google Adsense is paying me minimal dollars and cents.
The hard part is mustering myself up to do what I need to do. Again, it helps that I’m already making a little bit of money from advertisements on my website, but I need to step up my game if I want to reach my goal of being financially independent.
Does it get easier with age?
Fortunately, the older I get the less tempted I become. I’m a lot more mature than when I was younger. However, I still fall victim to temptation when I least expect it. For instance, sometimes when I’m driving down the boulevard I spot a restaurant that looks yummy, and immediately I pull off the road, and eat at that restaurant. I can’t help myself at times because I’m always hungry and because certain restaurants look delicious to me. The point is that I’m tempted in all areas of my life; not just the usual peer pressures like drugs and alcohol.
At times, I want to scream on top of a mountain because I’m so happy and then there are times when I panic because there’s so much drama in my life. That’s just how it is. Life is so unexpected.
How do you conduct business with this in mind?
Whenever I do business, I make certain that I’m as professional as I can be. I enjoy being fundamentally sound in my business practices. The hardest part is staying awake when I need to be alert. One day it will all pay off. It is going to get easier for you and me. I work, go to school, make music, run a website, invest my time and money, and celebrate nightly and daily. Overcoming sin and temptation can directly impact how you conduct business.
Why do some people get jealous while others do not?
I wish everybody knew how to be successful because right now there are too many people who do not know the meaning of self-discipline and hard work. This is unsatisfactory and we need to stop being jealous of one another. We need to start thinking more productively as a society. I’m talking about efficiency in our own lives and the lives of our families. Spread the word because I’m realizing now more than ever that we all need help in one way or another. Having said that, I’m on a mission to help people feel stronger and better about themselves.
Temptations are everywhere. I believe that temptations can get us in a lot of trouble. Growing up, I noticed the people around me were acting a lot on impulses, rather than logic. The problem with acting on impulses is that we can’t predict what the outcome is going to be. Those who are all over the place need to be committed to something.
Easier said than done, but we must control our own emotions and destiny. If we can’t learn how to discipline ourselves, well, then someone else will discipline “us-for-us”. It’s important to at least try and identify our current emotional state every day. It’s so worth the effort.
For example, going to college taught me to manage my hobbies and studies.  I really enjoy learning, however, studying from textbooks takes patience and discipline.
Life is hard, and it’s even harder when were being tempted all the time. Again, it can be very distracting. Big city or little city it doesn’t matter; temptation exists everywhere to me.
In conclusion, life is full of surprises. Overcoming sin and temptation is an important part of success. At times, it can be rather hard to make sense of things, but you have to stick with your goals and ambitions in order to succeed, all the while avoiding as many temptations as you can possible.
Thank you for reading: Overcoming Sin and Temptation
Respectfully Written By,
Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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