How to Participate in Meetings Effectively

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How to Participate in Meetings Effectively

How to Participate in Meetings Effectively
Participation is a major component of most meetings. I have seen many people who attend meetings not paying attention, and it makes me wonder how much skin they have in the game. Staying involved and PRESENT during meetings can add more value to your everyday life because you are improving your AWARENESS. Don’t fall into the trap of complaining about your meeting arrangements.

Meeting etiquette do’s and don’ts

So, I recently listened to this audio book shared below, and I have to agree with most of what the author says about boardroom etiquette. I strongly feel having your cell phone off and out of view is a good idea.
I see many people knowing and unknowingly pulling out their cell phones during important meetings only to find disciplinary action on the other end of the table by a boss, manager, or someone running the meetings.
if you want to be taken seriously during meetings, you will want to impress upon other people your standards for meeting room engagement by displaying the following behaviors:

  1. No cell phones (just put them away, and turn them off) 
  2. Bring a notepad to journal down the points of the meeting
  3. Dress professionally (wear business casual, or something more)
  4. Bring water, but never energy drinks lol (I think energy drinks are silly) 
  5. I think its rude to eat during a meetings because the smell bothers me and distracts me.

Now, everybody has a different boardroom culture; however, we can all relate to at least one of the behaviors above.
Listener Page. “Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups – Timeless Advice from an Angel Investor Who Turned $100,000 into $100,000,000.” Audible.com. n.d. Web. 23 Aug. 2017. <https://www.audible.com/pd/Business/Angel-Audiobook/B06ZXZ3B3W>

Visit the video link below to learn how to be more PRESENT and MINDFUL during the day:

How to Contribute Effectively in Meetings

Effective contributors keep the end goal in mind! Contributing to meetings is a magnificent idea to foster understanding and relationships. Contributing to discussions is a matter of being mindful and engaged. Open discussions tend to have more added value for everyone because they feel heard.

Active contribution requires listening as well as speaking.

How to Contribute to Workplace Meetings

Let people say what they want to say and don’t be judging as they are not going to conform or act the same way as you suddenly. People should be happy and able to enjoy being themselves. Contributing is also about not interrupting others while they are trying to say something because that is rude and disrespectful.

Show discipline by refraining from picking on the other person. Boardroom meetings are a great place to voice your opinion and demonstrate experience in a particular area.

Visit the link below for related information:

How to Participate in Meetings Effectively
Topics to Discuss at Staff Meetings

The team can discuss:

  1. teamwork
  2. communication
  3. goals
  4. relationships

Some topics to be discussed are worker morale and profitability. People are vital to your business success. Don’t forget to treat them well.

  • Have discussions about new product listings
  • Ways to reduce costs 
  • Be sure to point out how the company is successful 
  • Acknowledge your teams’ effort! 
  • People need to know they are valued and valuable to the enterprise.

How to Have a Great Staff Meeting

Make sure your team is fully ready and committed to your company before trying to get anyone motivated to work. Usually, this starts with hiring the right people, to begin with, because you do not want your business to fail.

Great meetings happen when everyone is on the SAME page!

It is hard to have a serious meetings or conversation when people do not give “you- know-what” about your business. Some people are only giving half effort, and they only want a paycheck so that they can go home.
AS A SIDE NOTE, below is a link to a blog post I wrote a while back on my other site about a book I read. It’s regarding “creative thinking” and “brainstorming.” It will help your team come up with creative solutions to problems. Click the link below:

Topics for Meetings with Employees

Your team is outstanding! Show them how much you care. Let them know how you FEEL by expressing your sincere appreciation for their time and energy. Bring up problems that may be going on at home and offer solutions to problems. Show a keen interest in your employees.
Know your employees well enough to establish TRUST!

Points to be Discussed in Team Meeting

Open a discussion regarding working conditions. Ensure your employees are happy with their working environment. If your situation smells awful, take care of that smell. Don’t let your environment negativity affect your business operation.
Work hard to improve working conditions; it is no different from keeping your home clean from debris. Small, yet simple tasks such as taking out the trash and wiping down tables can positively impact the overall quality of your business environment.

The environment is everything!

How to Participate in Meetings Effectively

Ideas for Team Meetings at Work

One idea could be to have everyone meet for a gift exchange. Another idea could be to have food prepared and ready to eat and then have the team meet up in the boardroom.

Have everyone introduce themselves and discover personal goals.

Below is a link to an interesting blog post I wrote here on this site about “spirit animals.” Understanding your teammates is crucial to building a business. Spirit animals are personally identifiable animals that share similar characteristics as us humans; and we can relate to these animals while at work.

Ask each member to share how the company can improve. Visit YouTube and browse competition; see what the competition is doing regarding technological advancements.

Team Building Activities for Work Small Groups

You can build teams by playing paintball. Paintball will enhance communication and teamwork. Your team needs to learn to work well under pressure. Don’t underestimate paintball! Another team building activity is dodgeball; anything that is competitive and fun.

Below is a link to a site which provides a comprehensive list of team building activities for managers:

5-Minute Team Building Activities

Five-minute team building exercises could include having everyone come together to solve a riddle or crossword puzzle. There are many other activities to play. However, five minutes is usually not a sufficient amount of time to build teamwork. I would suggest the following websites to learn more about 5-minute team building exercises:

How to Participate in Meetings Effectively

Team Building Activities for Workplace Indoors

There’s one game where participants choose which items they will keep if stranded on a raft at sea. You can see how well you do on your own and then compare that with how well you would have done working as a team.
The process utilizes teamwork. In a sense participants collectively process information to solve potential problems. Members can quickly perform this activity indoors. All you need are some handouts of the paper for each member of the group.

Click the link below to download the exact handout:


Before the meeting, the team should know what will be accomplished during the session to avoid wasting everybody’s time. Ensure everyone is on the same page before the meeting by sending an email to the team; address the mission for the meeting.
Have a packed agenda for the meeting.
People love a jam-packed program full of fun activities for the day. Now, your team will come prepared and ready to accomplish those goals.

Visit the link below for more related information about setting agendas for your next meeting:


After the meeting is over, don’t let people leave without having discussed what everybody has learned during the meeting.Get people talking about the session. Figure out the goals of the discussion.
Visit the link below for related information:

“How to Participate in Meetings Effectively”

Written by: Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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