How to Make It Through College? –A Story From a College Student (College Tips)

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We all know that life is difficult, especially, if you don’t have the knowledge or financial support to get you through it. Let’s face it, it can be daunting to find someone to help you in your endeavor. My whole life has been a struggle to get to where I am today. All my life I was told that I needed to go to college in order to get ahead in life. I wish someone would have explained to me that concept in more detail because I had so much stress put on me coming fresh out of high school.
Here’s the thing. If I can help it, I won’t let new college freshman, or any college student, stress out as much as I did while going to college. In fact, i’m going to educate them on why I think they should finish school and get ready for the real world outside of college; because the real world doesn’t care if you make success happen or not. This, unfortunately, is not something they teach us in college; and, they certainly don’t teach us how to make money while we are going to college; which clearly makes NO SENSE to me!
School is something that I find to be challenging to say the least, but as a student, I feel you should be adequately prepared for how to study, as well as how to be persistant with studying. The best lesson that I learned from college, was not from the material inside the textbook, but rather, how to work hard and achieve good grades while going to school. It REALLY had nothing to do with the material because they cram the stuff down your throat and expect you to regergitate it on a test.
Which brings me to my next point: you can study all you want for a test, and it doesn’t mean that what you are studying will be on that TEST. Clearly, the professor can put whatever he/she wants on that exam; and, doesn’t have to tell you what’s going to be on the exam; which puts even greater stress on the student. This, to me, is what I believe employers are really looking for in their applicants. Employers are looking for an employee with a college degree who can be trained easily and told what to do and usually without question. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but, only if you want to work for somebody else; but, sometimes we need to go through college in order to get a job that pays decenstly so that we can live comfortably.
Yes!!!, it is important to learn the concepts that are taught in your classes; and, yes!!!, I do believe that you should show up to each and every one of your classes because attendance is key here- in school and in life.
Another important note that I want to mention is that you shouldn’t let people just boss you around. You have got to take charge of where your are going in your life. You should take full responsibility of the grades you are receiving in your courses and always strive to be your best self. Don’t strive to get A’s! Rather, strive to be your very best every day and the A’s will come.
Furthermore, don’t allow grades to emotionally bring you down! Simply put, just because you did poorly on an exam is not an excuse to beat your self up for it. Allow yourself to acknowledege what you did wrong on the exam so you can learn from your mistakes. This is key!
I would never want you to give up on your dreams just because something is hard or difficult. Please take a close look at why you are going to college. College is for some people and not for others; and, just because you don’t go to college doesn’t mean that you won’t be successful in life. Keep working hard and don’t give up on your self. Before you know it, the world is yours so live your dream!

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