How I Really Feel About Homeless People

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Along my journey, I have been greedy as well as giving. The more I gave, the more I realized people are begging because they are lazy and don’t want to put in hard work. Life doesn’t give free handouts to people who are lazy. Granted there are folks who are down on their luck, and could use a helping hand. It’s not easy finding these people when so many scammers are taking advantage of free money.
Some of these beggars are making over ten dollars an hour doing nothing but holding a sign on a street corner? Is this productive? Maybe they are doing good with that money given, or maybe they are buying drugs and alcohol. Who knows? Who am I to judge?
I would probably do the same thing. I mean, at least that’s one way of getting money to put food on the table.
Here’s my problem:
I want to argue that begging for money does not contribute as much as say, getting a wash cloth and windex to wash people’s cars for money. That is one example of being a little more productive. There is no service being performed or product being sold by begging.
Lastly, I truly believe being broke is a mindset. Whether people care to learn more about self improvement is for another day.
Thank you for understanding my perspective, and thank you for listening/reading.
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