Grant Cardone Customer Service / The Cold Call

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You can use a crm software to

  1. commit to followup
  2. interest in them is more interesting than their interest in you.
  3. state upfront you will followup until you get a result.
  4. be creative in the ways you followup
  5. always leave a message on their voice mail
  6. never quit ever! be reasonable in your followup.

thanks. Carl Schultz.

You have two things going for you:

Before you start making cold calls.

  1. nurture all these lists first. you have past customers
  2. nurture all these lists first. and a power base. (people who know you.)
  3. nurture all these lists first.. make personal visits (in-person)



Grant Cardone Customer Service

This guy’s live event return policy is a joke! I had high hopes for attending an event in Las Vegas to see Grant and it turns out I have to get another job and work more hours. So, I ask for a refund and it turns out there’s only store credit issued. Really? Because I paid with in-store credit right? No, I paid with cash.

In any event, I now have a bad taste in my mouth about this whole self-help garbage. I read books; a lot of books. Now, I feel like burning every book I own by Grant Cardone. I can’t even buy all the books in his store to equal the purchase price of one ticket to a Live event held by him.

Also, the refund policy is not clearly stated. With all the hype on the landing page of the 10x event, its no wonder people are blinded by the glitter and gold! I’m really mad right now because I can’t get my money’ worth. All I can do is put Grant down and his team.

I really wanted to learn from this guy but I should have known he was a scam. Now, I feel the same way about Tony Robbins and he had nothing to do with it.

Further. I am not recommending this guy to anybody anymore. I am going to say he is a scam artist. Basically, nobody wins in this deal; except for Grant!

Grant Cardone Customer Service

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