Getting Out Of Jail Early For Good Behavior

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  • getting out of jail early for good behaviorWhat changes would you recommend to better improve the criminal justice process?

  • Recently, I was listening to podcast episode about a man who was in a federal prison for about ten years and I discovered how he managed to survive the amount of time there. He made the following suggestion to improve the prison facilities. He said, there are people (prisoners) inside the prison facilities who are eager to improve themselves and develop themselves spiritually, physically, and emotionally. With this in mind, the author suggested we fix to help the ones who are showing improvement and willingness to forgive themselves for their actions which led them to their current circumstance. Nevertheless, the author suggests we put the ones who are showing interest in improvement into a separate facility to acknowledge their bravery for change. Similarly, we can put the ones who are causing trouble in another facility to acknowledge their unwillingness to improve. 
  • Seven Ways To Fix The Criminal Justice System.

    1. Gather names of those who are reading books regularly.
    2. Build a database and understand the psychology of good inmates. 
    3. Place good inmates into cells with like-minded inmates.

  • How to fix racism in the criminal justice system?
  • Organizations that help prisoners.
  • Programs in prisons for inmates.
  • Early release programs for prisoners.
  • Getting out of jail early for good behavior.
  • Personally, the fact inmates are not receiving help concerns me because if someone is showing they are willing to accept their mistakes is something of significance. So, how can we help inmates learn to better themselves? How can we give them the tools to create a meaningful impact and contribution for society?

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    Respectfully Written by Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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