Episode: 54 Why Should You Focus On Emotional Intelligence Instead?

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Episode: 54 Why Should You Focus On Emotional Intelligence Instead?

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Here is the link to view the picture. Print the image in color and keep it with you forever. It has brought me so much value.
Why Should We Care?
When we can learn to control our emotions amazing things will start happening. The world is full of people who carelessly speak without thinking. If we can begin to examine our thoughts and feelings, we can obtain a better handle on life.
How Did I Discover The Plutchik Wheel Of Emotions?
Well, it was not easy that’s for sure. I had to do a little bit of digging to find out the value behind the diagram. Truthfully, all I did was browse through the Internet at my University library for illustrations on “basic emotions that all humans have.”
I discovered that there are two types of intelligence:
– Emotional intelligence
– And the normal intelligence
Plutchik’s wheel of emotions
– brings more human connection
– understand yourself better
– challenges you to find out what’s bothering you
– discover a sense of serenity in everyday life
– manage other people better
– keep you present in the moment
– manage close relationships better
– avoid mistakes that you will regret later by controlling yourself
– discover what thoughts are bring you the wrong emotions
– find out which thoughts bring you the best emotions
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