Episode: 49 The Art Of Negotiation | Book Review

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Episode: 49 The Art Of Negotiation | Book Review

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An episode about the book “The Art Of Negotiation” by Seth Freeman

What Book Did I Read?

It’s called:
The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal Audible – Original recording
The Great Courses (Author), Professor Seth Freeman (Narrator), The Great Courses (Publisher)
4.8 out of 5 stars with 1534 reviews

Where Can You Buy The Audio Book?

What Is The Bottom Line?

Most noteworthy, I recently finished reading a book on negotiations. Next, It taught me a great deal on preparing to negotiate. Especially relevant, The book referred me to a website where I could download a .pdf which guides me through the negotiating process.
In addition, Here’s the link to the .pdf (worksheet)

How Did I Apply The Worksheet?

After reading the book I found myself more relaxed during everyday negotiations. For this reason, I applied the pdf worksheet at an Apple Store as well as a hosting internet provider; both proved 100% beneficial.
With this in mind, the practice of going through the .pdf (worksheet) step by step makes for better preparation and readiness.
What Did I Take From The Book?
Especially relevant, I LEARNED an interesting pnemonic called “I Fore Saw It.”
  • I – interests
  • F – factual and financial research
  • O – options
  • R – rapport, reactions, and responses
  • E – empathy and ethics
  • S – setting and scheduling
  • A – alternatives to agreement
  • W – who
  • I – independent criteria
  • T – topics, targets, and tradeoffs
Do I Recommend This Book?
Yes. This book taught me a great deal about negotiating and communication. I love reading books by the publisher “The Great Courses.” I will be referring back to this book often because of its valuable information and useable worksheet.

What Was My Mindset Going Into The Book?

  • I thought the book would be all about money.
    • It was not only about money, but the emotions we feel going into negotiations.

Do I like how the author wrote the book?

So, I love this book. The professors teaching this subject is definitely informative and passionate. I admire the author’s outlook on life, and the time he takes to share his thoughts and opinions with his students.
More importantly, We don’t have enough professors like him in the world.

Why did I decide to buy this book?

As a result, I purchased this book because I wanted to learn something new about negotiating from someone who was genuinely passionate about teaching the subject.

What is the book about?

Seems like, The book is about taking the time to listen to people. It goes much further than merely nodding your head signaling to the other person that you are listening. Negotiating, as described in the book, is preparing for interaction with another person.

How can exceptional negotiating tactics save the world?

Sadly, Wars have been fought over poor negotiations. Typically, people with power think they can boss anybody around, and not reap the consequences of inappropriate and unprofessional behavior.
Everyone, even countries of different cultures and values, should be respected. Now, more than ever, we need to treat each other with dignity and respect.

Why do I like the book?

First of all, I like the book because the author gives tons and tons of real-world negotiation examples. I enjoy learning about the different negotiation scenarios explained in the chapters.

Why do I personally enjoy learning about negotiation?

Certainly, I think the world could benefit from learning how to negotiate properly. Surprisingly, Wars could be prevented with such sound negotiation tactics. As a result, Violence could be avoided if folks would try to resolve a conflict.
Hence, Many of us don’t understand how to negotiate, let alone ask for what we want; and so we resort to such extreme measures in getting what we want.
Therefore, My aim is to learn how to negotiate so that I may assist others in their problems and decisions.

What did I learn from the book?

Consequently, I learned that negotiation can be learned by anyone. It starts by reading books and discovering more about the subject.

Do I recommend the book?

Yes. The author is excellent at teaching the subject. You won’t be disappointed.
How long is the book?
So, The book itself is 12 hours and 45 minutes long.

What kind of reviews does it have?

4 and 1/2 stars with 1534 reviews. I would say this book very highly rated among all the books that I have ever read.

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