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Elko, Nv Air Transportation | Is there an Uber for planes?

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I want to see Elko, NV go boom! We are behind! Oh my, how much potential for us all. Currently, there are a limited number of flights going out of Elko. The airline industry is changing. So much! And, I predict someone is going to capitalize on the opportunity to connect Elko with all the major surrounding cities in Nevada, Utah, Utah, Arizona, and California.


Why now?

We have seen Uber take over the taxi industry by storm. This is a fact. The reason I predict this is going to happen to the airline industry is that the need for faster transportation is upon us. Currently, there is no Uber in Elko Nevada. However, I propose it will be soon. It is inevitable that Elko is growing fast because look at the mainstream department stores such as Ross and Dotties popping up around us. It will take a few years, but once folks see how much airlines are suffering with customer service; only then will a billionaire come right along and connect the cities in one simple, easy to understand “ride sharing vehicle.”


  • Click this link to review a blog post about the flight sharing program currently offered by this company:

  • Another blog post which display an image of the futuristic Uber-like airports:

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