Don’t Be Fooled By I Think I Have Depression

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I Think I Have Depression!
Hey, I think I have depression. How will I ever get out of this state of mind? Does it feel like the world is caving in for you too? Life can be so frustrating at times. Especially when we have to deal with other people. It is okay to feel this way. Often, I feel this way too. I know what it’s like to be down in the dumps. It certainly doesn’t help when you have a boss that you hate, or maybe a car payment that is late. Everyone is different. I get it. How will you ever make it through the day?
Life is worth trying to live
As soon as you start to say to yourself “I think I have depression,” you must first recognize that everything happens for a reason because you are the creator of your universe. Most cycles of depression are merely temporary. You will get past this moment in time, and you will become stronger because you got through it. You are not alone in this journey we call life. Things happen when we least expect them to happen. It’s okay to be sad because that’s a perfectly normal human emotion to have. We are all people, and we are emotional creatures.
You are not alone; some people care
Many people think suicide is the best answer to solving their immediate problems because it takes the pain right away. Have you thought about suicide in your personal life? Has society told you that killing oneself is bad and that it hurts the people around you? Committing suicide, affects the individual who loves and cares most about you, you knew that right? Yes, whether you think otherwise, some people love and care about you because we all need each other. Without others’ existence and opinions in the world, what do we have?
You will find hope in someone or something
You’re here today because you want to find hope in something or someone, right? You want to believe again because nowhere around you are any signs of hope. Right now, your life has in it certain people who care about you. These people are your friends. You can bet that your REAL friends will help you find your TRUE passion – a passion that will cover your monthly expenses. Your friends would do anything for you, and in general, people love to share their stories with one another because we only live once, and no one knows when their time is going to be up. #yolo
Happy memories help you out
Have you had a happy memory before? Can you remember that memory? It can be hard to locate memories that happened so long ago, but you must have some memory that made you smile, yes? There are times in life when we laugh for no apparent reason because it feels like the right thing to do, it feels good, and we don’t care who knows about it. There are times in life when we all need a happy memory! It could very well be a memory from your childhood. Additionally, there’s an excellent chance that you could use a happy memory, more than ever, right now. If you can’t recall a happy memory, then go out there and make a new, happy memory; one that will last a lifetime! Being able to recall happy memories is a good skill to have for this very reason. Depression doesn’t go away entirely, but managing depression can get us closer to our goals of avoiding saying “I think I have depression”.
The secret to living life
One day, you are going to wake up and be 60 years old. There’s nothing you or anybody can do to go back in time, and you can’t change the things that have already happened because that’s how life is. The beauty of life is that we have this life to live to the fullest. You can create anything you want out of virtually nothing, but only if you want it badly enough. However, everything comes with a price. Nothing is simply given to you, not without effort. The ingredient most commonly chosen is “self-discipline” in order to reach for the stars. Lastly, nobody knows when it’s going to end, so dream as big as you want to because no one can replace you or your beautiful heart. Live for today!
Thank you for reading “I think I have depression”.
Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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