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Post Title: Build Your Own Skateboard
Written By: Carl Wolfgang Schultz
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What is the big question of this post?
The question is… How do you build your own skateboard?
Learning Objectives:
  • – Get an understanding of the skateboard culture and lifestyle
  • – Know the items that make up a skateboard
  • – Learn how to make skateboarding fun
Do you want to build your own skateboard?
I remember my first skateboard. The board was a gift to me from my family.
I was always a little risk taker growing up as a child. I guess you could say I was an adventure seeker.
Below you will find some amazon products that I currently use. Right now, at this very moment, I am using this skateboarding gear.
I did a content analysis on the reviews from Amazon about these bones bearings and the words that appeared the most about these bearings are
  • Great
  • Smooth
  • Quite
  • Quick
From experience, these bearings are accurately described by the amazon customers. are saying about these bearings.
Real Story:
Concentrate on having fun with the sport.
Please don’t be one of those who takes skateboarding like its life or death. Skateboarding should be fun and enjoyable. Nobody wants to see you freaking out at your skateboard. I’ve seen skateboarders who throw their skateboards up in the air for not landing a trick. It’s understandable they would feel that way. I would too if I wasn’t getting a trick landed after the 20th try.
It takes a lot of practice and repetition to get a trick down. Most skaters want to land a trick as perfect as possible. Landing a trick perfectly also means landing a trick well. Flawless tricks are hard to do. I’ve seen some talented skateboarders before, but they are rare to find.
Don’t limit yourself by standing only one stance. When you do see a talented skater, take note of their style of skating. Be able to skate both goofy and regular. No matter the trick, let’s remember that balancing on the board alone is challenging. I see skaters with only one stance on a board. I will argue that being able to skate both ways is an upper hand in style, competition, and street skating. Don’t let your stance inhibit you from reaching your potential. Learn to skate “goofy” or “regular.”
build your own skateboard

build your own skateboard
When should you start and stop skateboarding?
Skateboarding has always been an interesting subject to me. I started early; when I was little; perhaps five years old. It never crossed my mind that I’d be skateboarding into my late twenties. My advice to you is to stick with skateboarding; at least until you no longer can for whatever reason. Skateboarding is a humbling hobby. I love showing off my tricks at the local skatepark.
How many talented skateboarders are out there?
You will never be the best at skateboarding, but at least you can be around skaters who are better than you. Surrounding yourself with more skilled and better skaters is a good idea. It’s a good idea because you can learn a thing or two from them, but I understand if you want to skate by yourself too. Sometimes you want only to get away from it all.
I like to skateboard by myself, and with headphones on.
The beautiful thing is you will skate many different locations in your lifetime. There’s no reason to worry about skating at every single location. There’s no way you can skate every suburb of the world.
Skateboarding with large groups of people is a lot of fun.
How should you build your own skateboard?
-Don’t go crazy and outright buy the “complete skateboard package.”
The possibilities are endless when you order through a catalog. The trick here is to save as much money as possible. Spend a small amount of your money on just the skateboard “deck.”
Expect to pay around $20.00 (USD) for a blank deck [usually good enough quality decks]. Next time, order the rest of the equipment, for example, a set of trucks, bearings, and grip tape.
What does a complete skateboard consists of:
The full skateboard package includes (in no particular order):
1. deck (I usually start with the deck and buy this item first)
2. grip tape
3. trucks
4. wheels
5. bolts and nuts
6. bearings
7. risers
Let’s start with the deck. The deck is your support for your feet. It is concave so that you can grip the board more with your skate shoes. If the deck were completely flat, then we would have a harder time riding the board; let alone doing tricks on it. The longer and wider the deck is the more surface area you will have to ride and do tricks. I enjoy riding an 8-inch wide deck. I use to ride 7.5, but then it jumped to 7.75, and now I’m skating a size 8. It’s my preferred skating method. You will discover yours as time marches on.

Build your own skateboard.

Most people can afford a complete skateboard. Skateboarding is not an expensive hobby. That’s what I like about it. I don’t like falling on my skateboard. I don’t think falling should stop you from skateboarding.
Skateboarding is a humbling experience.
Every time I go skateboarding if feels like an adventure.
Growing up, I did a lot of skateboarding. Even when I was in the military, I brought my skateboard with me. Being stationed in different cities was unique, and it was expensive trying to get around using taxis. Instead of taking a taxi, I would skateboard. It was a lot of fun for me because I got to explore the city using my skateboard.
Skateboarding has risks:
– getting kicked out of places
– not everybody likes skateboarding
In summary,
Skateboarding helps with stress.
I usually go skateboarding when it feels right. If I wake up in an elevated mood, generally speaking, I’ll want to go skateboarding. Whenever I’m on my skateboard, I feel alive! It feels like nobody can touch me. When I’m on my board, I can express myself.
Build your own skateboard, stick with skateboarding, and start early!
3 Key Takeaways:
  1. – Skateboarding will keep you humble as a person.
  2. – Learn to ride both goofy and regular.
  3. – Don’t throw away your skateboard!
  4. – Keep it with you wherever you go!
What is one actionable step that my readers can take from reading this post?
  • Actionable Step #1 – Get your finances in order so you can stop working for other people, and make time to skateboard on beautiful days like this.
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