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Elko Nevada Real Estate Market

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5/5 (1) The Elko Nevada Real Estate Market is difficult to understand. I have lived in Elko for a long time. What stands out to me most is how expensive it is to rent an apartment. I think houses are way overpriced. I don’t see how people can afford them. My goal is to rent […]


Peter Drucker The Effective Executive Review

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5/5 (1) Tim Ferris recommends this book. So, I jumped right in and started reading. Actually, I bought the audiobook. Here you go, Peter Drucker The Effective Executive Review. Should I focus more on reading books, than producing content? The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker Audiobook I’m sure we all want to be an executive at […]


Amazing things you can do with computers

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4/5 (1) My job is to learn more about the subject of computers while I am still young in the game and to teach you the amazing things you can do with computers. In general, computer networking is a fascinating subject to me. Undeniably, communication is vitally important to our livelihoods these days! To illustrate, […]


Why Do We Stress Over Little Things?

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No ratings yet. Don’t worry, I got you covered in this post. First, stress is normal. In fact, I stress so much my hair is turning grey. And, I am okay with that. Seriously though, the more responsible you become the more people expect you to be able to handle lots of stress. Because, who […]