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Here’s another blog post from yours truly, Carl Wolfgang Schultz. I wanted to share with you my new hobby. Don’t worry, it’s not an expensive hobby. It’s called listening to audio books, or better yet, Audible books. Have you heard about Audible books before? If you have heard of Audible books before that’s perfectly fine too. You will find this blog post to be just as valuable.

What Are Audible Books?

Audible books are basically real books that you can buy from the store that are read to you by a narrator. These narrators are usually, really good at what they do. They can make the book really interesting and engaging, or really boring. The nice thing about audio books Amazon is that Audible books have reviews under each book so that you can make an informed decision before you actually purchase the book. This is great, especially when you are on the edge between two books.

What Are Credits?

Credits are excatly as they sound. You are allowed to purchase, under the two subscriptions services that audio books Amazon offers: (1) free book credit, or (2) free book credits per month. Of course this depends of which subscription you decide to go with. I recommend going with the (2) free books per month. Either subscription offer is a good deal though, in my opinion, because most people don’t read that many books generally; and, even if you do read a lot of books like me every month, you get discounts with either paid membership on any book you purchase on the site. For example, if you used up all of your credits on the site, and you would like to purchase more books during the same month, you can simply add your preferred book to the shopping cart, and pay for the book as normal, but upon checkout, because you are a paid member, you will not have to pay full price for any book. You get a significant discount that’s totally worth it in my opinion.

What Can Audible Books Do For You?

Audible books can increase your knowledge if done right. Audible books can make you very smart if you put the time into learning what each book has to offer. Keep in mind that not everybody reads books. Most people stop learning after high school, and even when college is over! Don’t be this group of people. You are much smarter than that. Books are the gateway to your dreams. If it were not for books, then we would be stuck in life. Life would be much more limited to the people we physically meet everyday. Books give us a chance to explore the deepest parts of the universe! Lastly, feed your brain with as many books as humanly possible (get smart) because knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle.
Respectfully Written,
Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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