asking the right questions a guide to critical thinking

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#70 Life’s Questions | Write about your life | Have

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Ask the right question

Listening is not the easiest thing to do. Asking the right question is also not the easiest thing to do.  In these new times, we have to write about what makes life worth living. You, and thousands of other people, can view all sorts of information on the internet via blogs, online newspapers, etc., but do any of these resources bring a new question into your life?
It can be incredibly difficult to ask the right question during these times of official stress because we are worked up and responding too much to things that are outside of our locus of control. Nine times out of ten, you can figure out the source of your problems by asking the right questions. When you ask the right questions, that’s when you find the answers almost subconsciously, and immediately

What about the question?

You need to take the time to write out the questions that are on your mind so that you can put your mind at ease. I know that I’m guilty of reacting to things without thinking, but I don’t want you to make that same mistake. Write out your questions that you have about life every day to help with the day to day problems that you have in your life. The U.S. is changing into a new world where different views about life, policy, work, etc. are all being read.
All the time now, you view a video that has something to do with more breaking news! This is only something more for writers to write about. Your job is to question everything new you view in the newsChina has their own agenda and life to write about so let China make the most of their home journal. The U.S. focus should be on a new type of question. How can our home journals be read without the world war? This is merely something to think about. The point is that we need to ask better questions.
Recently, I viewed a video about “The Future of Marketing”, and let me tell you, it was astonishing. You should be so thrilled to be living in this day in age because technology is now more like magic for marketers. The video was about new automated machines such as cars that drive themselves. I had gotten so excited watching the video because I love technology. I like that technology makes our lives more productive if we use it correctly.

Will the market change?

In the next 10 years or so, we are going to see a big change in our current marketing practices. The way in which we package, and sell goods will be revolutionized. Retail markets will change because applications and technologies will help consumers find what they are looking for much easier than before.

It’s not the easiest thing to do. 

I’m so excited for Christmas to get here. The best part about it is that I get to spend the time with family. I really enjoy being around family for the Holidays. It’s hard though when everyone lives so far away. I just wish I could see everybody at the same time but it doesn’t work out like that. 


Writing sure helps me out a lot with whats going on up there in my big head. I really enjoy writing. I have found lately that it helps with my productivity. 
You wanna know what else helps with my productivity? Well, here it is:
Here’s my big list of productivity tips:
  1. Have a calendar that has a dual or split screen(s) so that you can have one cal on one screen and another cal on the other screen.
  2. Productivity starts with organizing your life.
  3. Meet your deadlines!
  4. Prioritize your list with the most important and urgent tasks first and written in red.
  5. The tasks that don’t repeat everyday need to be
  6. When you schedule using your calendar, make sure you be as honest with yourself as possible. Can you really fit all that into a  30-minute window, for example?
Whenever you begin to think about success, you must discuss, amongst your team members, the steps required to complete the project.  When you have your team on your side, you can achieve anything. You are stronger in numbers in this particular case. You are capable of achieving this much if you put your mind to it.
The world can feel heavy sometimes. When I look back, I can see it was me… who had the problem(s), and it’s important for me to have a loved-one; because, she brings me the best hugs. 
All I ever wanted was:
  1. a chance to explore
  2. enough to last
  3. enough to be happy
  4. someone to hold
  5. someone to be there
  6. thoughts go here
  7. a lot of it
  8. freedom to breathe
  9. a beautiful morning
  10. a dream to come true
You have today to be thankful for:
  1. my car
  2. family
  3. grandma
  4. money
  5. girlfriend who loves me
  6. education
  7. friends
  8. running water
  9. safe neighborhood
  10. family who loves me
  11. people who care about me
  12. recording studio
  13. podcast radio station
  14. callers on the radio station
Write about life
Where ever I go, I try to find a place to drink coffee, for example Starbucks. These are great places to study because they offer yummy food, as well as reasonably comfortable furnature provided at select locations. The point is that you have a place to write, right!  
It’s hard for me to relax at some locations, but that’s because I’m always looking forthe best spots to write blog posts on my laptop. I don’t always know what to do. Sometimes, I just pull out my laptop and go to work from there. I figure if it’s important, I can research and find it on the internet. 
One thing I do know is that I’m comfortable in my shoes, this much I know; however, I wish I was more comfortable each and every night. Also, I can be hard on myself when I’m not where I want to be because I want it so bad.  
This is a life worth trying to live. There are a lot of YouTube videos on the internet. I’ve seen many videos to be useful.  I love to learn using YouTube 
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