anxiety of falling out of love

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#69 The Fear that Love is Gone | Good Love

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There are good people in this world

There are a lot of really good people in this world because you see them everyday. Granted, not all of us have the time to see these loving people in action because we are too busy letting fear ruin our lives, instead of letting the love inside of our hearts. There’s a difference between being blind and choosing not to see the events that are happening all around us.

Choose love

As you walk down the street, you take notice to some propoganda strategically placed in your path. You can either stop and read the material, knowing that it might induce fear, or you can keep walking, and you can forget that you had seen the propoganda. Your decision to keep walking or to read the material should be soley based on either love or fear.


Whether it’s good or bad, variety is a life necessity we must have because varietykeeps us from going utterly insane. War, hatred, pain, suffering, etc. are all on the opposite end of the spectrum that make up the variety scale of life. If we  acknowledge  that these two ends of the spectrum exist, than choosing love over fear shouldn’t be too difficult to decide for the common individual.

Comfort the ones you love

The love is not going anywhere because you are more than ready now to create peace and comfort the suffering. As long as there are good people in this world, and as long as their are loved ones to comfort us, the burden that pain brings doesn’t seem so hard to handle. Together, we can live in harmony.
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