Advantages of Camping vs Staying In a Hotel

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Camping is the best! 

Personally, I find getting away from work difficult to do so. However, I love to go camping because I know it is relaxing. Now, I find it is important to go camping with the right group of people because if you go with the wrong people it can become stressful and uncomfortable.

Advantages Of Camping VS Staying In A Hotel

Advantages of Camping vs Staying In a Hotel

      1. More nature to take in
      2. Campfire smells which will make you in the mood
      3. Smores to eat for fun
      4. Firewood to grab for the camp
      5. Smell of wood to aspire for creativity 
      6. Swimming in a lake for the heck of it
      7. Wakeboarding and any other water sports such as kayaking
      8. Taking the boat out on the water with the kids
      9. Slow cooking with cast iron pans for a delicious meal
      10. Wild animals to increase the excitement and anticipation


Fun Things to Cook On a Campfire

Let’s think about this for a second…

How would you like to catch a break from work, and cook over a campfire? 

Our family goes all out when we go camping! It’s never a minimalist camping adventure with my family. We have the tools, the vehicles, and the equipment to make the trip worth the money.

Now, I am not advocating you go all out and buy this stuff, but I am saying how blessed I am to be with these bunch of wonderful people who make my life worth living! Thank you universe for putting me in touch with these folks.

I am learning a lot about myself…

Camping is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself. Simply, camping helps you to relax and be in the moment. Now, I still use my wifi out there when we go camping, but I still enjoy walking around and leaving my phone in the tent!

The reason I leave my phone in the tent is that it is nice to get out there and talk to the rest of the family about the trip. I am no dummy, I still find time to get my work done at the campsite such as reading books, submitting job applications, and communicating over phone and email to people. I am blessed to have great service out there when we go.

 How to make tent camping comfortable?

Camping requires a tent and sleeping bag to stay comfortable. Luckily, I have been blessed to have these items ready for me. When I went camping the other month ago, I was fortunate enough to my family provide a tent and sleeping bag for me. In addition, my mom gave me a cushion to throw under my sleeping bag; literally, the kind of cushions you put on a chair haha.

Most comfortable way to sleep in a tent

Advantages of Camping vs Staying In a Hotel

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