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Going to School Online

Going to School Online

Going to School Online

Good Day,
Going to School Online. Today was very productive because I went to bed early last night (7:30 pm) and woke up early (4:00 am) this morning. I had some homework to do and instead of only studying one subject this morning I studied all four of my subjects. I can honestly say that as time goes by Text books are getting easier and easier for me to comprehend. The only thing that I don’t like about college is the fact that I don’t learn how I would like to learn. Every thing is a fast pace, and I can’t enjoy the material. The college I go to doesn’t teach me how to learn rather they try to shovel all the material down my throat. Let’s imagine what life will be like after college instead. Learning new things is an important skill to have. I’m fortunate enough to have that skill. School is important for getting a job, and self-education is essential for making a fortune!

Schools struggle with teaching students how to work efficiently in teams. I know I mentioned in a previous post that college is good for face to face communication development, but it’s not enough. Even in my past work experience, I can admit that I learned a good deal of teamwork but where real team work is learned is when you work for your self because that when you try to implement policies and procedures that only you know are essential to your businesses economic growth. Its when you see how others react to your standards that you find out how to communicate effectively.
One measure of success to me is the ability to make money. I think financial success is such an important indicator of one’s success! I can’t stress that enough. Most people don’t understand money, and so they blame their current situation on the government or the mysterious social systems that are in place.
I believe that we choose our fate. Every one of us has a choice to make in life. Every day we decide how we want to live our lives. Do you think about the decisions you make on a regular basis? On that note, having respect for yourself is vital to your existence. How many times have you let someone walk all over you? When will it stop? I challenge you to put an end to those who say your worthless because you are capable of achieving your wildest of dreams. I’m proof that you can live your dreams. I came from a lower to the middle class divorced family that struggled to balance family and work life. It wasn’t until I was able to finish with my Marine Corps enlistment that I realized my real potential in this world.
After I learned to invest my money adequately, only then was my self-confidence heightened. The point is that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what color your skin is. Create the life that you always wanted for yourself and do not let others talk down to you! You are worth every second of my time! I mean that in the most positive way that you can take it.

TOPS FocusNotes Note Taking System 1-Subject Notebook, 11 x 9 Inches, White, 100 Sheets (90223)
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Refer to the image above:
Going to college requires a lot of organization. I use this paper to get me through the semester. Each class I take is carefully written down on this piece of paper. The paper is called “Cornell Note Taking Paper.” It is hard for me to read my notes right after class. With this exciting note taking system, I can review my class notes that much easier.
This paper comes in handy when it is late at night, and I don’t want to study too much, and I would prefer to work on something else. It gives me balance in life. You can use the “cue” column to trigger words in your brain that will help you remember the important parts of the subject that you are studying. You can learn so much about yourself using this pad of paper.
-I learned how to separate and keep track of my thoughts
-I learned how to summarize my class in a few words
-I learned how to not just take class notes with this pad of paper
Ultimately, staying organized is an important skill to have. I don’t regret being obsessive compulsive. Whether going to school on or offline, this paper is a wise investment. Just think how professional you will look in front of those you want to impress. Lastly, this paper should help teach you how to take notes better. I know it has for me.
Going to school online is a good idea if you are working full-time. I will not argue against going to school online. I know I went to school online a few times. The problem with going to school online is that you are not receiving the same amount of human interaction as you would if you went to a face-to-face school. Obviously, there are pros and cons to both. Your situation will dictate whether going to school online or offline is best for you. My goal in this blog post is to both challenge and persuade you to attend face to face schools instead of online schools. Are you for or against face to face academic learning?
I know it may be tempting to avoid going to class altogether, but being present in class can be rewarding. I know from experience going to college in a face to face setting made me more personable. I use to be distant from classmates before going to a university. I never realized this about myself, but I was kind of distant from others. Working with others while going to college has taught me a great deal. Trust me I did not like working with some of my group members, but hey, that is the nature of the beast. No one likes working with other people but its something we must learn to compromise with to grow professionally. Do you have the skills necessary to work well with others?
I am a huge advocate for face-to-face learning I am also highly involved with online learning. I understand the importance of leaving note Child left behind pan one of my goals is to create a learning platform such as McGraw-Hill so that everyone has an opportunity to measure his or her performance in the classroom. These days professors do not have the time to sit with students and help them learn about their homework. It just isn’t realistic to expect the necessary attention that our average student needs to succeed. I enjoy talking about online learning, but I think it should be supplemental to face-to-face learning because you just can’t compare the two when face-to-face is essential for our personal and professional development.
For example being in a classroom teaches us to work well with others in group projects. By visually seeing the faces of our classmates we can come up with a lot of preconceived notions but until you start working with the other classmates will you then realize a lot about yourself as well as the other classmates in your group. How would you like to have the best of both worlds? We could have the face to face learning supplemented with online learning to create an ultimate learning experience. However, I am not talking about the usual online learning platforms that you see nowadays that don’t go into much depth on helping students fully understand the material and ultimately preparing a student for exams. What are some online learning platforms that you can think of that your school currently uses today?
One of the reasons I took up blogging was because blogging gave me a voice in this world. With blogging, I can reach out to a much larger audience and hopefully make an impact on society. Formal education is paramount to the rebuilding of a fragmented society. With the help of all educators, we can collaboratively work on online platforms and improve them. First, we need to make sure that students are understanding the material before they go into exams. Schools need to be more effective and efficient. Helping students prepare for exams is not cheating. By helping students prepare for exams using online platforms, we can better predict their exam scores and mastery of the class material. What online platform does your school use to prepare students for exams?
Going to school online
What you could do is start your website or improve upon the one you already own. The school is great, and all but self-education will make you a fortune. Writing teaches us to think about things a little more than we usually do because by putting things into words we are essentially confirming what we are thinking. I love to write. I always have. I have lots to share with others, and I have dedicated my life to contributing to my website. Going to school online is good if you want to get a job after you graduate.
However, school is not for everyone and don’t feel pressured into going to school just because everyone else is doing it. A lot of successful people did not get a formal education. You should find what makes you happy, but also makes you money. Don’t give up on your dreams. I found that a lot of my worries about making money from my music went away but only after I was making money from the stock market and other related business vehicles. It doesn’t always work out the way you think it is going to work out. You have to believe in yourself that is for certain. Things take time to prosper.
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Respectfully Written,
Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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