#96 I Need Money Today

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I Need Money Today.

I Need Money Today

I Need Money Today
You are now reading: “I Need Money Today” Attention: There is an exclusive video at the end of this blog post that only Platinum WolvOfficial members can view. Click here to sign up for a platinum membership.
I need money today. Most people need money. The problem is money doesn’t grow on trees. Most of us work long hours only to get paid minimum wage. Do you know how the rich keep getting richer? The rich get richer because they know how to invest properly. The rich don’t work the same as everyone else does. Does that sound unfair to you? The middle class thinks differently too. The middle class thinks they have to work longer hours while at work. The middle class tries to show their superiors that they are the best employee by working later than all the rest. Why are we conditioned to think this way? Wouldn’t you rather work on something you are passionate about? I know what it’s like to start from the bottom. I know what it’s like to barely make rent every month. I’ve been there too! Life is hard when you have no money. What if there was a way to make money while you sleep? The honest truth is that you can make money while you sleep too. It’s not that difficult at all. All you need is some help. All you need is some insight.
How Do I Plan to Help Others?
One of my desires is to help others become more financially stable. I achieve this by providing solid information to my friends and family. I usually provide relevant Information to people that is useful and practical because nobody wants to feel unsure about their financial situation. All the time, I hear people say “I need money today”. The reason you need money today is because you have bills to pay. Everyone has this mindset. Naturally, we want money right now. The problem is that it takes time to make money, but sadly nobody wants to wait anymore!
Is Being Patient Worth It?
Good things come to those who are patient. This is so true. Investors need to embrace this concept. It takes time to build your wealth. Again, it doesn’t happen overnight. Even if I gave you the EXACT tools to become successful financially, you still need to understand patience. I know this because I’m still working on developing patience. Additionally, I understand that patience is the key. This is why I encourage it so much.
Consistently investing over time is how you win! I bet you were expecting some get rich quick scheme. Sorry, no easy way out here. If it were easy then everyone would be doing it right? Every investment I have been involved with has taken me years to grow. I do have many investments. Each one is stable and I can expect cash flow every month. Why don’t you get on board with this? Well, most people don’t want to put in the time. You have to put in the time. There’s no other way. Your life depends on your strength to persevere through the tough times. It’s not enough to just invest. You have to think long term. Be mentally and physically tough. It’s not about you anymore. You have to think bigger than yourself.
The universe is now your playground. The best part of life can be right now! Don’t let today slip away from you or you might find yourself saying “I need money today”. If you don’t know where you’re spending your money every month then you are in trouble my friend. I highly recommend using an app called “Mint.com”. It’s great for categorizing your daily transactions. I use Mint mainly to gauge my “net worth”. I enjoy reviewing my last years net worth with this years net worth to predict next years net worth. Another amazing feature is the ability you have to create a personal budget. There’s a lot of analytics on the mint dashboard that you may find useful.
How Do You Obtain Wealth?
1. The first thing you are going to want to do is to find something that makes you happy. Life is about being happy 9 times out of 10. Rarely are we happy all of the time, but it helps to love what you do. I sincerely mean that.
2. The second thing you need to do is start an Internet business, then invest the money you make from that Internet business, and finally, lend the rest of your disposable income out to people who need it. This ensures that you will reach your financial independence. More on this later.
3. Lastly, it’s not all about the money. You see, your hard earned money can only buy you so much. You have to be comfortable in your own skin. This means that you need to learn to love yourself. Take time every day for yourself to relax, meditate, and catch up on some happy memories. Life is too short!
What About The People Who Are In Desperate Need of A Miracle?
Do we simply leave the ones we love behind if they fail to show compassion and understanding towards others? The answer is No. We have to help everyone. Even the ones that we dislike. I know they’re a lot of people who royally &#$# me off, but instead of getting mad, I show them kindness. Why would I do such a crazy thing like that? After all, they intentionally did me wrong. Well, truthfully speaking, I do it because people deserve a break every now and then. Instead of getting even with others, let’s “kill them with kindness”. Let’s show them the love we know each and every one of us deserves.
One of the hardest things to witness is seeing other people struggle financially. It hurts me deeply to watch homeless people begging for money in the middle of the street. There’s so much more to life than begging for money. What if we could all be financially successful? Is that even possible? Can we all be rich? I like to think it is possible.
Here’s my plan to alleviate the pain:
educate others about investing
-inform others about building websites
-show others that we are all equal in any society
-encourage others to work hard for their dreams
-be willing to help one another
-speak at conferences about personal finances, hard work, and friendship, etc.
Let’s start by ending the phrase “I need money today”, and replace it with “How do I help another person in need?” This world is a beautiful place, and together we can accomplish anything. If we put our differences aside, we can come together in harmony. Why not help other people out? Don’t they deserve a comfortable life too?
Below is a video that I’m sharing with you as a way of saying thanking for being a Platinum WolvOfficial Member. Good luck in your endeavors! – Love, Carl.

Key takeaways from this exclusive video “I Need Money Today”:
“You have to start making money as soon as possible. Here’s how you can do that?”
-Homes are not assets unless that home puts money in your pocket every month
-Invest in the stock market for dividends
-Lend money to others using lendingclub.com
-Build a website using WordPress and GoDaddy to create more passive income for yourself
-Remember that Dividend.com will guide you in investing in dividends.
-Charles Schwab has an excellent dashboard for managing your stocks that pay dividends
Quora.com is an “app” that is perfect for asking questions and getting immediate or close to immediate answers. (Quora is different than the familiar search engine google.combecause people are ready and willing to answer your exact question -ask away and the universe will respond)
Thank you for reading “I Need Money Today”.
Respectfully Written,
Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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