#90 Qualities of A Good Lawyer

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Sometimes, you have to stop and wonder, what actually does a good laywer do?

Qualities of A Good Lawyer. The answer is not as simple as 123, but it could be.

Qualities of A Good Lawyer

Qualities of a good lawyer. A good lawyer should have inside his or her toolbox the following qualities:
  1. the willingness to learn new things
  2. the maturity to learn from failure
  3. the compassion and understanding for others
I would imagine that not too many people would want to hire a lawyer who is late for work. Having said that, a good lawyer should strive to arrive to every meeting on-time and dressed professionally.
There’s something to be said about the lawyer who cares about his or her appearance. Lawyers who can dress for successand can handle themselves maturely, are sure to be ahead of the game.

Humble Laywers

Good lawyers don’t go around bragging about their success. They stay focused on making positive changes in their community. Finding the outstanding qualities of a good lawyer may be hard to locate at first, but after-a-while, you begin to notice them.
They are out there, but it’s hard to find a lawyer who is respectableprofessional, and who genuinely has your interest in mind.
Today, Legal issues are common.
Everyone deals with legal problems at some time or another.
Additionally, quality lawyers should be certified to practice law in thier state, and of course, obviously by a credible and respectable institution.
Having said that, someone who graduates college should be recognized for their achievement. From what I have been told, people love to hire college grads. It tells employers right away they’re committed.
Qualities of A Good Lawyer
I wish more people explored law. Underneath it all,  the word law is yet another concept that society created.
Here’s a quick, real world example, while at work, of how the average human being feels about being told what to do.
Generally speaking, most people do not like being told what to do.
“Don’t tell me how to live my life” – As they always say.
I can literally count 5 people right now that fit this mind-set. Many people have the mind-set that “you don’t tell me what to do”.
I know I never wanted to be told what to do, however, while at work, I learned a lot from the people who told me what to do.
Unfortunately, the one’s who can’t stand being told what to do, well, they usually have a harder time elsewhere in life.
A good lawyer will know how to talk to you, and will recognize early on, your expertise in legal matters.
Qualities of A Good Lawyer
“Laws give us basic freedoms, rights, and protections.” (P3)
“Without this consistent framework of law, society would be a mass of chaos, confusion, and uncertainty.” (P3)

Let’s Think About This Internationally

On a more serious note, I think the scariest thing would be to do time in a foreign jail or prison.
Most foreign countries do not have the same laws as the United States.
Being held in a foreign prison, I imagine, would feel unpleasant. You could potentially feel out-of-place or unaccustomed to their culture.
Any who, Good Lawyers have the potential to do great things.
Thank you for reading this post. -Carl
Foundations of the Legal Environment of Business
3rd Edition, ®2016
Qualities of A Good Lawyer
Respectfully Written By,
Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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