#82 I Need Help Paying My Rent

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#82 I Need Help Paying My Rent

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I Need Help Paying My Rent

I Need Help Paying My Rent. Paying your rent should be your top priority because you need a place to live. Shelter is one of the three key essential ingredients to survival for humans beings. Water is the second, and food is the third; in no particular order. Every month, I always make certain that I have money for rent. You will get through this difficult time, and you will become out stronger because of it
We all come up short for rent some time or another. It’s important to budget for things like rent or else you could end up being homeless. This is not a good thing because more problems can arrise. I don’t think anybody wants to become homeless. We all want a better life.What happened to you that you need help paying rent? 
There  were times when I could not afford my rent, and I didn’t know what to do. I did everything I could to scrape money from up from around the house. I searched all my bank accounts to see if there was any money in there. Nope. Those were the days I can tell you that much. However, I wouldn’t trade those days for the worldelko, carl wolfgang schultz, wolvofficial
You see, all of those stressful times taught me a valuable lesson. Those difficult times taught me to manage my money differently, or rather – more effectively. I had to change the way that I thought about money. Our “monthly” Bills are not going to go anywhere; trust me on this one ;). I went through this phase in my life where I tried to have literally zero expenses every month
I succeeded at having zero expenses every month. However, I wasn’t happy because there were certain items or expenses that I had to have in order to be happy every month. Things such as entertainment, music equipment, and travel. Ultimately, I realized very soon that every body has to some degree a fixed amount of monthly expenses. Don’t try to have exactly zero expenses every month. 
You’re only going to get a headache if you try to have zero expenses. Instead, focus on controlling your spending by choosing assets over liabilities. Spend money on the things that put money in your pocket each month. This can turn out to be a valuable lesson in life. Most people buy liabilities that they think are assets. 
Let’s get back to finding money to pay for your rent this month! Money doesn’t simply grow on trees. We have to work for our money. Some people work really hard for their money, and others don’t seem to work as hard. The basic idea here is that you need to be sure that your rent is being paid every month. If you need help paying your rent this month than you have probably underestimated your monthly expenses. 
You have a few options
  1. Take out a loan from a bank or lending company
  2. Ask a friend, spouse, or family member if they can help you out with rent this month
  3. Ask your landlord if you can skip this months rent and pay double next month
Other than, I hate to say it, but you should have planned for that. You need to learn to be responsible with your money. I’m guilty of being late on my rent many of occassions so I can’t be all that and a bag of chips, however, I learned from mistakes. I’m hoping this is your first or second offense because if this become a habit of you being late for rent, you might as well be unreliable to future landlors. 
If you want to learn to be more financially smart, than you need to take the time to learn about money. Not everybody wants to learn how to make passive income, but it’s totally worth your time and energy. Passive income is money coming into your bank account while you sleep. Whether you work or not, income keeps coming into your account. focus, customer, focused, carl, wolfgang, schultz, wolvofficial, blog, post
My deepest sympathy goes out to you. I understand you have probably tried everything to find money to pay your rent. Don’t give up on yourself. Worst case scenario go to LendingClub.com and get a loan immediately. Alternatively, you could sell some of your belongings at a local pawn shop in your area of town. Pawn shops usually pay pretty well if you have something of value to offer to them. 
In life, no matter what, don’t play the victim. We all have our problems in life, but keep your head up and keep pushing forward with your dreams. You can make it through this difficult time. You will become mentally and financially stronger when you find clever ways to pay your rent.
You have to remember that learning new things is important to your success. I’m always learning new things. Knowledge is power. Don’t let you get you down; because only you can get you down -remember that. 
There are times when I need help paying my rent too.
Respectfully Written,
Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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