#81 The Secret Behind Love Letters For Him

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#81 The Secret Behind Love Letters For Him

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Love Letters for Him

Writing love letters for him can mean all the difference to your loved one and your relationship. People have been writing letters since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, letters seem to be going away. That’s why it’s up to us to keep them here.  Letters are a classic way to express your love. Don’t make the mistake thinking letters are out-dated. 
It’s important to write a love letter as if you were talking directly to that person, face-to-face. Another reason to write love letters for him is that it helps you with your train of thought. Sometimes we write and we don’t really mean what we are saying until we put it down in words and on paper. By putting our feelings down on paper first, we can avoid saying something that we don’t actually mean.
Everyone loves receiving a good hand-written letter. It’s important to know when to send that letter. You don’t want to send the love letters for him when they’re not yet ready to be delivered. I have made this mistake a handful of times. Sometimes, timing can make or break you.
Below is a hand-written letter that I wrote for my girlfriend to show her my appreciation:
(See Attached Picture Below)

love letters for him

Apply These 9 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Love Letters For Him

  1. Start with a rough draft (You can use a line-piece of paper for this)
  2. Re-read your draft a few times (Proof-read your letter many times)
  3. Place a picture of yourself in the letter (Make sure it’s your best self)
  4. Add stickers to your letter (The same type of stickers kids use on everything)
  5. Place a small gift inside the envelope (Perhaps two tickets to see a show)
  6. Try using cursive writing in your letters for him (But, try and make it really neat)
  7. Consider ending your letter with a “love,” and than your name. (Don’t be afraid, even if you don’t know if he/she loves you back yet)
  8. Leave it all on the line. (Write as if it were your last letter)
  9. Spray your letter with perfume, or cologne (This will make your letter more personable as well as memorable)

How To Turn Your Love Letters For Him From Blah Into Fantastic

When you’re writing your letter to your loved one, you should focus on the good thingsthat he has done for you. As you’re writing the letter, think about how much you love him. Don’t write a meaningless message. Maybe, you’ll want to thank him for being present in your life. After all, that’s what loving relationships are built on. 
  • Letters are best delivered in person
  • Consistently write letters by hand
  • Repeatedly write your significant other’s name on the envelope
Some of the finest letters I’ve composed were tastefully drafted with my sweetheart in mind. While writing my letter, my crush was the only thing on my mind. It’s hard to think about anyone or anything else when I’m in the moment writing a love letter.
People write love letters that don’t address certain touchpoints such as:
  • not telling him/her how they really feel
  • not getting to the point
  • not writing persuasively enough
The hardest thing about writing a letter to your crush is this
  • The fear he/she will reject you
  • The fear they won’t reply to your letter
  • The fear they might ignore you all together
  • The fear they might not like you as a friend anymore

Some People Excel At Writing Love Letters And Some Don’t – Which One Are You?

Growing up, I wrote plenty of love letters. It was usually because I had a crush on the girl next door. You know how that goes. One night, I waited until everyone went to sleep, and I made my move. I slowly walked toward the apartment door next to me, and I tucked a small envelope [love letter] underneathe the door that my crush lived behind.
It was never my intention to get caught sliding an envelope under the door by my crush. She knew that we both had feelings for each other. We both were aware of our capacity to respond emotionally. I was in 3rd grade and she was in 4th. The letter I had wrote to her was handsomely signed by yours truly. The very next day, I anticipated for her to formulate a written letter, and slide it under my door.

What The Ancient Greeks Knew About Love Letters That You Still Don’t

You can rest assured that everybody feels nervous writing a love letter at some time or another. You have to gather the courage to express your feelings. Your future spouse could be waiting for you to send that letter. Don’t waste another moment speculating! Tell him how you feel by writing a love letter, and send it to him. 
Going away for a little time can help calm things down between the both of you, but you can also take a moment to write your feelings down on paper. It’s not all about big and expensive gifts. We can also hand-write love letters for him or her to show our deepest appreciation.
Relationships are great entities to be in because they allow us to feel:
  • connected
  • loved
  • understood
  • valued
  • treasured
  • and many, many more wonderful feelings!

The Truth About Love Letters For Him In 3 Little Phrases

  1. Love letters can be kept for a very long time
  2. Love letters are precious pieces of memory
  3. Love letters give us hope in humanity
Bonus Material:
Here are 13 occasions to write love letters for him:
  1. for him on an anniversary 
  2.  for him in jail
  3.  for him to make him cry
  4.  during the holidays
  5.  for him after a fight
  6. for him about being hurt
  7.  for him after a breakup
  8. for him on his birthday
  9. for him when love is lost
  10. for him missing you
  11. for him to save marriage
  12. for him when he spoils me
  13. for him while he’s away
Thank you for reading this post. I hope that you find what you’re looking for. Please browse other related articles on this site. 
Respectfully Written,
Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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