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Meet Charles

Once upon a time, there was a boy name Charles. Charles was a small boy with a bit of a macho walk to him. He had dark hair with pale skin tone. He wasn’t very tall. In fact, most people were taller than him. Charles had a girlfriend named Ariel. Ariel was a beautiful red-headed girl a little taller than Charles. The two had been dating for roughly one year. Charles and Ariel loved each other dearly and were always attached to each other by the hip. 
One morning, Charles woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. He turned the annoying clock off, and headed to the restroom to shower, and then back to his bedroom to get dressed for the day. As Ariel was sleeping in the bed, Charles began to pack his things to head off to work. When Charles had arrived at work, he had noticed his manager, Mr. Thurman, was in the break room. Mr. Thurman was sitting in the break room in one of the old and broken chairs. It looked like Mr. Thurman was waiting for Charles or something of the sort. Maybe he wanted Charles to clock-in so that he could bark some daunting, meaningless, work-related task.

Just Like Two Peas In A Pod

Mr. Thurman was an over-weight, mid-twenties individual, who loved to make you feel like you were worthless. He was a little bit taller than Charles, but with a type of submissive attitude to him. He loved making the people he worked with feel this way because he himself was hurting deeply inside. Although Mr. Thurman came off as a jerk, and rude to everyone, he came across with at work, somewhere in the middle, Charles was the only one who had not seen evil, but had actually seen some good in Mr. Thurman; even though Mr. Thurman didn’t think so about himself. This is because Charles had a lot of love in his heart to give. 
Many people didn’t realize at work that Charles and Mr. Thurman don’t get along. Maybe they hold their feelings inside, and don’t express themselves all too often. In any event, Charles had reached over to the computer to clock into work. That very moment, immediately after Charles had clocked-in, Mr. Thurman stood up from his chair, and scorned at Charles.

Uncertainty Is The Worst

Charles didn’t know what to do. Charles knew Mr. Thurman was always upset about something, but Charles didn’t understand why Mr. Thurman was holding such a grudge this morning. Charles has always been known as “good with people”. Charles got along with everyone; except, obviously Mr. Thurman. Mr. Thurman just stared at Charles, until Charles finally said to Mr. Thurman, “Mr Thurman, how are you today?” 
Thurman opened his mouth and shouted at Charles, “You worked last night’s shift, right? Did you not know how to set up the event for today? Because it’s not according to the paperwork.” Charles didn’t know how to react. Thurman didn’t even respond to Charles’s first question. Instead, Charles briefly mentioned to Thurman that whatever happened to the event this morning was because Charles had worked hard late into the night, finishing the set-up. 

Jealousy Is The Root of All Evil

Thurman didn’t like that Charles had been accomplishing so much at work over the past couple of years, and figured that he would express his anger. Everyone loved working with Charles. Everyone except for Mr. Thurman. It was Thurman’s true desire and purpose to get Charles fired, or at best moved out of the department all together. Thurman didn’t have a lot of confidence. Only when other people appeared to be beneath Thurman did Thurman regain his level of confidence and strength.
While in the breakroom, the two were modestly going back and forth about work related items. As emotions became intense, Charles looked up at Thurman and said to him boldly, “You know, Mr. Thurman, you’re giving a whole lot of energy and discipline towards me, I’ve noticed it since we have been working together.  Is there anyway that we could maybe wipe the slate clean? You know, and possibly work well together for the first time? I think it would be beneficial for you and me to start getting along together here while at work.” 

Why So Shocked?

Mr. Thurman didn’t know what to say. Charles had never spoken to him like this before. Thurman, most certainly, did not see this coming! Charles had never suggested such a bold comment while at work before; especially not to his supervisor of all people. I think Mr. Thurman was exhausted after that statement from him. 
It has been said many times, and in many places that it’s not what you say, but how you say it. In this case, Charles had reached out to Thurman for a truce. Thurman was caught off guard by his kindness, and respectable charisma. Sometimes, words can hurt us, and sometimes, words can heal us, but only when said properly and timely. Thurman eventually ended all of his hatred toward Charles. 

Let The Harmony Begin

I’m finally proud to say that, both Charles and Mr. Thurman work fine together now. Every once in a while they will express themselves to each other, but never in a disrespecting tone or gesture. In fact, for the most part, they get along really well. Sometimes, while at work, they will even go above and beyond what is expected of them, and look each other in the eyes knowing that they had earned an honest days work of pay.
In conclusion, it can be hard working with people that we don’t know or understand, but we have to remember that it’s important to work and play well with others because it helps us develop character and teamwork. If we look inside our hearts, only there will we find forgiveness. Forgive others for their faults because no body is perfect. Show others compassion and understanding, and you will find that there’s another life worth living!
Thank you for reading this story. I’m blessed to be here today, and writing stories for you to enjoy. It brings me happiness and satisfaction providing value to you.
Respectfully Written,
Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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