#73 Dividend

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Let’s Learn About Proper Financial Terms.

  1. We will start with one important word from the dictionary and then we will go to another word in the dictionary.
  2. We’re going to learn about the various words in the dictionary
  3. We’ll expand our vocabulary with this approach, but only if we write about it in our journal.
Okay, so we are starting with the word Dividend. Next, we will find another word in the copy of the word “Dividend”, and keep going from there.
Here we go..
What does dividend mean? 
B : a share of surplus allocated to a policyholder in a participatinginsurance policy
In this example, We will choose the word “insurance” to be safe.
What does insurance mean?
The Definition of insurance is…
  • insurance is the business of insuring persons or property
  • coverage by contract- whereby one party undertakes to indemnify(What does Indemnify mean? – It means: unharmed; to secure against hurt, loss, or damage; to make compensation to for incurred hurt, loss, or damage) or guarantee another against loss by a specified contingency or peril
  • the sum for which something is insured
  • a means: guaranteeing protection or safety 
  • the contract is your…
  • ,against price changes.
  • being a score that adds to a team’s lead and makes it impossible for the opposing team to tie the game with its next score

 Budgeting Knowledge

  • Budget
  • Budget
  • Budget
  • and more Budget
When you start making money, you got other problems. And it’s all okay, but you need to have a budget. Creating a budget is easy, and important because it allows you to identify your key “cushion”. The space between your revenues and your expenses. This is important because it eases your mind at night.
Budgeting is not something I find particularly attractive, but it’s something important to me, and I find it worth looking into a little bit more. Even if we are entrepreneurs, we still have to stay within budget.Budget.Budget.Budget.

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