#60 The best ways to keep your energy levels high everyday?

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#60 The best ways to keep your energy levels high everyday?

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Everywhere you look people are trapped

You have a lot going on everyday of your life because your stressed out about being told what to do. Try not to worry so much about the daily routine. You only have so much willpower during the day. Stop wasting your time trying to please other people. It’s important to focus on your own personal gains because that’s REALLY important to your overall happiness. Most people go to work each day and work a job that they hate. You have to realize that most people don’t understand specific concepts regarding happiness and wealth.
Not surprisingly, your energy is your pride and joy because it gives you that uplifting reason to keep pushing forward through the pain. You can store energy and reserve it for a later time. The way to store energy is to focus on tasks that have meaning to your long-term goals. This works best because your giving life to your happiness backbone. It can be tantalizing to know that you are on the right path, and following your dreams because who doesn’t want to follow their dreams?

You should discover your passion again

taggering results come when you live and breathe your passion. Why waste your time doing what everybody else is doing? Don’t you want to be happy? The victory comes when you give it everything you’ve got because that’s how winning is done. Energy is lost when you work for someone that is not in your best interest because that person is only using you to make themselves more rich. That’s why people work for each other because money makes the world go round.
Have you witnessed, or experienced someone working in a cubicle? Have you noticed the same thrilling routine they go through everyday of the week? News flash, that’s not a brave thing to do because there’s so much more to life than daring to work the same old desk jobroutine day in and day out. The same devoted energy spent all cooped up in a cubicle could be spent working on building a website that could potentially make you monthly income someday.

Spending the years inside your books

The quickest way to lose energy is to spend your time harvesting untasteful reading material into your book collection. Your energy can be spared when you read material that is inviting and rewarding to you because it can show you another person’s breathtaking perspective on life.
Books are doors waiting for you to open. When was the last time you read a book that excited you? Uplifting books can bring your energy right up because they provide another insight and tap into emotions that you didn’t know you had. There are people out there who crave eye-opening books because those books give them so much more energy. Imagine if you had all day to read books? Now, imagine if you had all your life to read as many magical books as you could possibly read in a lifetime. What kinds of books would you chose to read? It’s important to chose your books carefully because if you don’t, than your books will chose you.

Thoughts are your worst enemy

You can guarantee that what you think becomes your reality. Most don’t realize this concept because they are too busy working for other people. Who are you working for? Establish yourself as an entrepreneur because identifying yourself as a courageous person goes a long way. Adopt the mentality that you are the creator of your universe because when times get rough, your thoughts will take control of you.
You get off work because it’s that time of day, and you find yourself opening the door to your bedroom late at night. Remember, you only have so much energy in one day. Sidestep away from your bedroom door and comprehend your current state of mind. Are you feeling exhausted from a long day at work? Conquer yourself and plan accordingly to avoid the trap of falling right asleep or gathering yourself to do nothing on the couch. Your thoughts can motivate or eliminate your productivity.

Generate the courage to face your addictions

Ignite that fire within your empty vessel.
That means you need to find the energy from within yourself when you feel down because no body else will do it for you. Addictions are real problem in society. You see it everywhere. Reduce your consumption, if your tolerance is high. Anything in moderation is okay. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you fall victim to giving into temptations.
We all give in at some time or another, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to be abstinent every now and then, right? You have energy stored for a reason. Use this energy to face your addictions because if you don’t then your addictions will face you. You don’t want your addictions to face you.

Bridge out into the creative imagination

You are capable of changing the world because changing the world starts within you.
Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.
Adopt the mentality that your mind is a powerful tool. Your mind can take you places that you never imagined possible because you can leverage it to make it do whatever you want it to do. How is this possible? You have the ability to assess situations and make them work for you. Burn every memory that wasn’t creative because those memories are not important anymore.
Right now, foresee your future as one wild journey that is mean’t to be explored. Manage your mind, and raise your standard of living. Realize that right now is temporary, and that the pain you are experiencing will come to pass. Some people waste a lifetime searching for their life’s purpose because they didn’t take action early on. Good news, you can start today, no matter how old you are. You can choose to evaluate your current circumstances from a creative perspective.

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