#59 Secrets and Dirty Tricks to Peer to Peer Sharing Services Income

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#59 Secrets and Dirty Tricks to Peer to Peer Sharing Services Income

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What does Peer-to-Peer mean?

Peer-to-peer services mean that you exchange or rent items to another person usually for money. This can be a very lucrative venture indeed because you are providing something of value to somebody else who needs it. Usually, you rent out a car, bike, or other item for a few weeks or less and the renter will pay you to rent out the item. You can find a ton of different ways to rent things out to people because the internet has systems in place for you to do so. Remember, you want to make your income as passive as possible. Obviously, if you are just starting out, you will need to make some quick money right now through peer-to-peer services because you have bills like everybody else at the end of the month. You will soon see below the recommended site for peer-to-peer lending.

Now, what’s the program called?

Years go by and you finally find yourself looking to make some extra cash from something other than you 9-5 job. Look no further than RelayRides.com[UPDATE –Turo.com] because this site is awesome! The company actually changed names for some reason probably because it was bought out by Turo.com. The point is that they are still in business and making a lot of money. You can make a lot of money with this company by renting out your car because people are always looking for a car to rent for their weekend get-a-way.

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