#50 Press Release for DJ Paradice | WolvOfficial.com | October 2014 | #UNLV #UNLVPREMIER

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#50 Press Release for DJ Paradice | WolvOfficial.com | October 2014 | #UNLV #UNLVPREMIER

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The most preferred UNLV DJ of 2014, DJ Paradice, has a strong reputation for being an amazing peformer. He’s a well diversed DJ. Students love to hear his variety!!! Did I mention he consistantly performs at UNLV? How cool is that, right? And… man…. can he sure throw a party!!!
One of the best things that i’ve noticed about DJ Paradice is that he can talk to just about anyone, and he’s always trying to help other people out. I would argue that he’s the kindest person I’ve ever met. The fact that he’s a DJ is a bonus- and a great one at that!
Josh Hunter (DJ Paradice) has a facebook page that is full of comments and posts from his raging fans. Don’t be surprised if he interacts with you more than just one tweet. He has been know to stay in touch with his loyal fans! Here is the link to his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/aDJnamedParaDice . (Like and Share his Page!!!!)
To fully appreciate DJ Paradice, I recommend that you see him play live. You have to hear his performances. Talk about a rush! He is so comfortable behind the turntables, and he really interacts with the crowd. It’s a guaranteed experience to remember!
Lastly, DJ Paradice has a soundcloud page where you can listen to his music. Follow him at https://soundcloud.com/djparadice ,
and on his instagram  http://instagram.com/djparadice
Respectfully Sent,
Carl Wolfgang Schultz
DJ Paradice has been doing so well that he received his very own Billboard to promote his show. I think that’s great that he’s getting ahead in the industry beause he deserves it. He works so hard, and he’s an amazing friend. He is always willing to help other people become their best self.

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