#48 DJ Pr3Nup Press Release

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#48 DJ Pr3Nup Press Release (WolvOfficial.com)

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[LAST UPDATED]:16th November, 2015
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Kyle Michael Broyard A.K.A. DJ Pr3nup
          I’ve been so eager to write this post for the longest time. I can remember back in mid-2014 when I first met DJ Pr3nup. I had met him through another popular by the name of DJ Pardice at UNLV. During an event, DJ Paradice turned to me and said “Carl, now here is a DJ that your going to want to become familiar with. He goes by the name of DJ Pr3nup!
            After talking with DJ Pr3nup for several minutes, I quickly noticed that this DJ was no ordinary DJ. In fact, he was and still is an extraordinary individual; such a nice person at heart. One of the qualities that I like about a person is that they are humble in everything that they do. Pr3nup is no exception to that statement.
            It is with so much gratitude, honor, and privledge that I get to write this blog post/press release for DJ Pr3nup. Every now and then, I see Kyle walking around UNLV, and always with a smile on his face might I add. Also, I see Kyle performing on the turntables quite frequently, especially at UNLV; so you know that he has been working hard at his craft. Another quality that I like about him is that, he always has good people around him to lighten the time of day.
         In conlcusion, the future looks very bright for this young artist, and i’m very excited to see him in action in the near future; I know that he will do amazing at whichever path he chooses! How do I know the future is looking bright for DJ Pr3nup? Simply put, Kyle has the right character! Every successful person needs to have the right character, or they won’t be able to handle success with it comes to them.
Good Luck Kyle Michael Broyard A.K.A. DJ Pr3nup.
My recommended release by DJ Pr3nup.
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