#42 Helping the Homeless Community in Las Vegas (Homeless to Harvard)

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What’s the problem?
As time goes by I ask myself if i’m really making a difference in my community. The answer is yes and no. I know that I talk a good one about how when I finally make these millions that i’m going to give back to my community, but what if I never make it to that day in age where I make that kind of money. Then the only regret that I will have is that I never helped a homeless person in need. Again, the answer is yes and no. I could always be doing more to help people. Since there are so many people going hungry each and every day and night, it is my DUTY to help them get back on their feet.
There are tons of people out there just looking for a miracle to come true. Why can’t I be their miracle? In a later blog post, I will explain how I want to make a musician’s dream come true by giving them a day in the studio to record a song for free.
Yesterday, I spoke with a homeless man at starbucks. I said hello, and he said hey. Then he asked me what my name was? I said it was Carl, what’s yours? He said his name was AL. I didn’t know if that was short for something. Needless to say, he was a very nice and kind-hearted person. We spoke for a good 15 minutes. We talked about how beautiful it was outside today. I really enjoyed talking to this man. I told him that I was going to school at the university across the street.
He asked me if I had any plans for the summer, and I responsed that I’m not going anywhere this summer. He said that he wasn’t going anywhere this summer either. He continued to talk to me for a minute. I couldn’t make out every word, but I tried to understand. He explained that the trees provide him shade during the hot, summer days. I agreed!
This man gave me inspiration. The kinds of feelings that I felt were unimaginable for man of my age. It was so humbling. Although, I couldn’t give him some relief from his daily struggles because I too was broke myself, I instead, gave him a warm hand shake and a warm smile. My hope was to brighten his day and lift his spirits in hopes that he would continue fighting this thing we call life.
I do believe that I raised his spirits for the better because he was running around the coffee shop with a sense of purpose: getting water and using the restroom, etc.
In conlusion, it’s important to take the time from our school, work, and other obligations to hear people who are crying for serious help. I’m not saying this guy was in serious help, but i’m referring to those out there who are. Who knows, maybe I really made a difference in that mans life yesterday. I don’t regret reaching out to him. Obviously he was all by himself and perhaps just waiting for someone to start up a little, light-conversation. That man, if I ever see him again, will be stronger than ever the next time I meet him.
Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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