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What’s Loudr.fm?

I am very much intriqued by this new startup company called Loudr.fm. I think they have an outstanding platform and distribution company. It is tailored to musicians who don’t have a lot of start up cash to get their music out there in large stores such as iTunes and Spotify. Back in the day, I spent tons of money releasing albums with distribution companies that gave me a very little return on investment. This was my mistake using these other, more costly distribution companies, but I still use the other distribution companies because they have been around for along time. Most of them have been around for more than 10 years. 

Who Uses Loudr.fm?

The thing I like about Loudr.fm is that it doesn’t cost anything to get your music distributed to stores. The only issue that I had was that they don’t distribute to a bunch of stores like some other distrbution companies. However, I feel that they make up for that lack of partners by allowing you to submit your music directly toPandora radio! How cool is that?
Loudr’s customer service is good. I had sent them an email regarding some of the “how to’s” with Loudr.fm, since I was just starting to get the hang of it’s platform, they responded to my question within a couple of days. I was really happy about that. Loudr is very much a new and upcoming company. I would argue that if they could somehow get more and more stores onto their partnership, they will have the competitive advantage because of this no money down on singles and albums. Loudr only takes cuts of your sales, so essentially, if you don’t make money, they don’t make money. It really is a win win for everybody.

When Does Using Loudr.fm Make Sense?

I would also like to mention that they offer a split revenue system for musicians that collaborate with each other. The only problem with this is that every artist has to create a loudr account. I don’t like this because not everybody knows about loudr at the moment. I wish everybody did know about loudr, but the fact is that they are new and are competing with companies like CDBaby that have been around a very long time.
The customer representative from Loudr assured me that this split revenue could and can be done. All that I would need to do in order to split revenues is give the representative of loudr all of the artists’ names. This is a little confusing to me because if I were to just give loudr a random persons’ artist name who has not set up with loudr before, than how do i know this money will ever make it to them. In conclusion, I wish there was a way that we could just send the money to their paypal account and call it good! Does anybody know if this is possible?  Such a head-ache trying to split these royalites and song sales.

How Does Loudr.fm Stack Up Against the Competition?

There are many different music distribution companies out there. It can be really hard to decide which one to use. My suggestion would be that you start with Loudr.fm because Loudr.fm requires no money down for your releases. This means that you have little-to-no risk involved with the release of your new album. In other words, if your album doesn’t sell well, no worries, you only pay a small comission to Loudr.fm when a song or album sells. What a great deal, right? I think so too.

Why Should You Use Loudr.fm?

Overall, I think this company should be on your list of distributors. I would argue that you should have other distrbutors that you utilize. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket as they say. Loudr will let you take down your music from stores at no cost. Honestly, what do you have to lose with Loudr? I say give them a try.
You should use Loudr.fm because you can’t beat their no-money-down competitive advantage. Loudr.fm is still in it’s early stages, but I suspect they will be right up there with the big dogs here shortly enough because they have a good competitive advantage.
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