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For some of us, all we care about is productivity in the morning, afternoon, and evening. If you are anything like me, you are constantly trying to sort through your to do list hourly. It so hard to just admit that this next thing on your to do list is important and urgent.
Introducing my newest idea. It’s called the Important/Urgent Assistant. This watch can tell you what the most important and most urgent task is next for you to work on. You give it a task as soon as it pops into your head, even when your on your way to work. As soon as these task/ideas/projects come to mind, hold up your watch to your mouth, and speak the [enter] [new task] [speak task] [select level of importancy 1-5] [select urgency 1-5] and you are all set to go.
This huge library of tasks can seem daunting, but if you think about it, everything has it’s place. You see, this database of tasks is always going to be sorted by importancy and urgency. It will give you a score and rank that task among its other tasks.
I think this would be fun because you can’t see that task at hand. You only hear what is spoken to you from your watch.
with prioritizing features speak to text
I have this excel spread sheet that allows me to prioritize tasks.
How cool would it be if I could record my daily thoughts and to-do-lists into this speak to text watch, and it would automatically record my task and sort it into a important or urgent task right there for me.
All I would need to do is ask my watch what is there to do next on my list, and it would speak to me the next most important and urgent thing to do.
The only problem with this idea is that it would be hard to see all of the tasks that I would need to do on such a tiny little apple watch screen.

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