#27 How To Make A Wix Domain Transfer | Transfer Domain To Wix

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Wix Domain Transfer 

We all know that having a website can be profitable. However, it can be difficult to understand the ins and outs of setting up a website, and getting a domain name pointed to your blogging platform. Luckily, I made this video to hopefullyhelp you with your wix domain transfer, and wrote this blog post so that you can make the transfer as painless as possible.

Transfer Domain To Wix 

  1. Log into Godaddy dashboard or your hosting service
  2. Locate your domain that you want to point to Wix
  3. Locate “Nameservers” and open it up
  4. Click “Customize Namerserver Settings” – your’s might be a little bit different.
  5. Enter NS1.Wix.com in the first box
  6. Enter NS2.Wix.com in the second box
  7. Click save
  8. That’s All!
Note: If you’re transfer (pointing) your domain from another hosting service, instead of GoDaddy.com, than your steps might be a little bit different. No worries because it’s not going to be that much different for your situation.

How To Transfer Domain From GoDaddy

          This video I made awhile back has been getting a lot of views lately, and I figured I would post it on my personal blog so that more people could be exposed to the tutorial, and learn from it.

I hope that you enjoy this post on wix domain transfer, but most importantly, I hope that it helps you with your website platform search. If you have any questions about building websites, or any other general specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can either leave a comment down below, or you can reach me by leaving a comment on the YouTube video. Thank you.
 Disclaimer: I currently use WordPress as my preferred blogging platform. There’s nothing terribly wrong with using wix.com. I simply enjoy the features, and customization that WordPress offers. I understand that not everyone preferrs WordPress over Wix; and that’s exactly why I made this tutorial so that people can become familiar with both platforms.
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 Carl Wolfgang Schultz

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